Giving Thanks for Your Internship

thank you note for every language

I’m still basking in the glow of Thanksgiving (Respect the Bird!). So in the spirit of a holiday built around giving thanks for what we have, let’s talk about showing gratitude for your internship experience.

If you have been interning this fall, you are getting close to the end of your experience. There are plenty of things to do as you wrap up your work, one of which is saying thank you. How can you show your thanks as you exit your internship? Here are some ideas.

  • Say It. It’s simple – Say thank you to the people you have worked with over the last few months. Obviously, you should thank your supervisor for his/her guidance. Were there other people you worked with directly or people you came to know well? Thank them, too, for their support.
  • Write It. While it’s important to say thank you in person, it can be a thoughtful gesture to write thank you notes as well. Career Counselors tell students to write thank you notes after interviews (although despite the ubiquity of the advice, not many do it), but thank you notes apply in many more situations. You don’t have to write a dissertation. Just write a short, simple thank you to the people you connected with at your internship. Beyond the basic “thank you,” write about how you are grateful for the experience and how that individual helped make your experience a good one.
  • Show It. This is an optional one in my book, and it should never be an expectation. But if you’re the type who likes to bake or if you work with colleagues who enjoy celebrating with food, consider bringing treats at some point during your final week. If baking or cooking isn’t your thing and you’d still like to bring in something, you could bring doughnuts or bagels to kick-start everyone’s workday.

When people have taken the time to guide and mentor you as an intern, it is only right to show your appreciation. Small gestures go a long way in making a good impression, and leaving on a positive note is the best way to wrap up your internship.

Photo from woodleywonderworks