Intern Spotlight: Emily Gullickson ’12

Emily Gullickson

Emily Gullickson, Senior (December 2012)
Major: Marketing, Direct & Internet
Minor: Media Arts & Game Design, Visual Media Design
Internship: Marketing Internship with Fort HealthCare

How did you find out about this internship? What interested you in the position?

Before applying at Fort HealthCare, I had been on the internship hunt for many months. But through school organizations such as AMA and classes at UW-Whitewater, I had found many useful resources throughout the process of applying. I finally stumbled upon my internship at Fort HealthCare through Big Shoes Network. The position interested me not only because it was close to Whitewater, but because Fort HealthCare had recently been ranked among the Top 100 Places to Work in Wisconsin. I had some knowledge about Fort HealthCare through AMA and decided it would be a good idea to apply. The job description had many things that I thought I would enjoy doing, including things such as social media management and event promotion. It took me about three weeks to secure my internship, but following up with Fort HealthCare played a vital role.

Describe your internship experience.

At Fort HealthCare, I help the marketing and health promotion department with many projects. I have helped with programs such as the first annual Weight Management Expo; edited biographies and created ads for the Therapy and Sports Center; made promotional flyers in Adobe Illustrator; created many social media posts; written press releases for upcoming classes; added and updated events for Fort HealthCare’s 365 events website; and generated ideas for the concealed weapons policy.

What have you learned during your internship? How does this opportunity relate to your career goals?

While at Fort HealthCare, I have seen the basics on how a marketing team works, what they do on a daily basis to keep the company running, and what challenges they run into, especially when it comes to launching new programs and promotions. Not only have I seen how a team works as a whole, but I have learned how to use new programs as well. I have also seen the agency side of things when it comes to Fort HealthCare and what tasks are delegated to marketing agencies that they work with. This can easily relate to my career goals as a marketing student. I watched a new web design go when I started my internship, and I have watched the revisions and changes they have had to make after it went live. As an internet marketing and visual media design student, this is an ideal thing for me to see. Working at Fort HealthCare also relates to the field I would like to be in someday [Sports Marketing/Health Promotions], as sports and being physically active are things that interest me.

What advice would you give other students about internships?

  • Internships are the building block to success! In the month I have been with Fort HealthCare, I have learned so much already. None of it is ever something that I am going to learn through a textbook. Once you land your internship, you will be hungry to learn, learn, learn.
  • Don’t ever give up on your internship search! It took me a lot of interviews and months to land mine, but the hard work of applying over and over again has definitely paid off. I have learned so many skills within the marketing and visual media design fields that I will take with me the rest of my life.

What did Emily’s supervisor have to say?

Emily was tasked with loading ALL Fort HealthCare events [on], which was over 40 events for the fall alone, and compiling a mailing to be sent to local NPOs. She had the events loaded in record time and was on the mailing right away. She completed the mailing in its entirety to over 100 local NPOs encouring their use of the site.

Her go-getter attitude took this project from sitting on my desk for months to completion in less than two days. Amazing.

Emily also exemplifies UW-Whitewater’s Core Values…

Commitment to the Pursuit of Knowledge

Emily is open to learning new things but also the “why” of why we do things. It is not enough to know that we have the website; she wants to know how people use it. It is not enough that we create flyers for classes/programs; she wants to know who takes them and what they learn. It is not enough to create Facebook posts; she is interested in who is reading them and how that feeds into our marketing plan.

Personal & Professional Integrity

Her integrity and professionalism are second to none. She speaks up when appropriate and withholds negativity. She engages people at all levels of the organization in meetings and via electronic communication. I trust that she will do impeccably well in her future if she maintains these qualities.

Congratulations Emily on being selected as UW-Whitewater Intern of the Month for September 2011!

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