Confessions of a Summer Intern: Leah Beutler’s Journey

Leah Beutler, majoring in Spanish and Direct & Interactive Marketing at UW-Whitewater, started her summer as a Marketing Intern with the Madison Mallards. However, she didn’t end her summer there. Leah made the tough decision to leave the internship when she discovered it wasn’t the right fit for her.

Leah didn’t waste her summer after leaving her internship. She found a job at a restaurant and parlayed her job into some freelance work, creating a website and social media presence for the restaurant. And this fall, she will be taking on an internship with the UW-Whitewater Athletic Department, another great example of on-campus internship opportunities.

Just in case you missed it, read Leah Beutler’s internship journey this summer:

Leah Beutler

Anchor Inn

Anchor Inn Website

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Confessions of a Summer Intern: Find Your Passion

Leah writes her final “confession.” If you missed her previous posts, you can read them here and here.

This summer has been such an experience for me. I can’t believe it’s almost over! I don’t have many new updates for you all. I am continuing the rest of the summer at Anchor Inn doing all of their social media posts and updates. If they would like me to continue doing social media and website updates during the school year, I plan to do so. It’s fun and pretty easy with all of the different tools available.

The Anchor Inn website I created!
Anchor Inn Website

An inside look at the Google Analytics dashboard for the Anchor Inn website.
Leah Website Analytics

I’m using the rest of my summer to try and plan out my future. Recently, I have been in contact with a few different business professionals around the greater Milwaukee and Chicago areas to conduct informational interviews. I’m interested in broadening my network and learning the best plan of attack for getting a job, coming from a hiring manager’s perspective. It’s really great to sit down with someone who looks at resumes all day and have them tell you what they look for. I’ve gotten some great advice and added more people to my professional network. If you have time to reach out to people, I suggest doing so, especially if you plan on relocating to a large market like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, etc.

This next semester I am signed up for a marketing internship with the UW-Whitewater Athletics department. I am going to give sports another try, because I am still interested in sports so long as there is actual marketing experience I will gain. I am planing on creating various marketing plans for new events, updating an online magazine/catalog with events and information, and increasing student involvement and participation at sporting events. I am really excited for the opportunity and I have no fear that it will be a much better experience than the one I had with the Mallards.

I will be graduating in December, and immediately afterwards I plan on taking some time to travel. I plan on going to Ecuador for a few weeks and possibly visit some friends in Germany for a few days. Once I return from all of my trips, I plan on moving to Chicago and working for a multicultural marketing firm. I really hope to be able to use Spanish in the workplace, and Chicago has an excellent market for me to find a job doing exactly that. Plus, it’s not too far from home.

Using Escape to Ecuador to make my travel plans!
Leah Trip Planning

I am really happy to have had this opportunity to let you all know about my experiences this summer. I hope it has taught you that you must really enjoy what you do; otherwise don’t do it. In meeting with different business professionals, I bring up my situation with the Mallards. I ask them “How does it sound if I say I quit an internship?,” and then explain my reasons for doing so. Time and time again they say that it speaks to my character and shows that I am hard working, that I actually want to learn, and that I am not afraid to get the most out of any opportunity. So don’t be scared of what people think! If you try something and it doesn’t feel right, go somewhere else and find another opportunity. If there aren’t any opportunities available, create your own opportunities!

College is all about learning and finding your true passion, so take advantage of that! It’s better to try out different internships and have these good and bad experiences now versus signing a year contract with your first job out of school and being miserable for 365 days. Life is too short! Find your passion!

Confessions of a Summer Intern: Making Opportunities Happen

Leah gives us the scoop on where she is after her internship revelation in her first post.

A lot of things have happened since my last blog post! I ended up leaving my marketing internship at the Madison Mallards to explore various other options. It was a difficult decision for me, because I was concerned I would not have as much ‘real world experience’ as my fellow graduates. However, it was not the right fit for me and life is too short to actually work at work, you should enjoy what you do!

The Monday after I left the Mallards, I was determined to find another internship to fill my time this summer as well as a part time job so I could start making some money. I went to the Andersen Library Monday morning and searched for virtual internships. I wanted to try a virtual internship so that I could still work one or two part time jobs. I applied for a couple of them and awaited responses. Immediately I found a ‘mailer-dameon’ notice in my inbox telling me that the email addresses I sent my applications to were incorrect. I felt defeated because I spent all day tailoring my resume and writing cover letters just to have them sent right back to me. I decided that Tuesday I would focus my search on getting a part time job and put an internship as a secondary priority.

Tuesday, I went to Janesville and applied at every possible restaurant; no one was hiring. I went to the Duck Inn and they were also not hiring. I went home and applied online to several places such as Menards, Starbucks, and Target. I was getting impatient, because I didn’t have a job OR an internship and it was nearing July. I asked some friends if their jobs were hiring and waited to hear back, hoping somewhere had an opening!

In the meantime, I decided that I might try and create an internship and make some money at the same time by doing some social media work for local businesses. My plan on Wednesday was to create a ‘sales pitch’ for The Steaming Cup and possibly some local bars offering them social media services for a small fee. I figured that way I would be able to get some sort of marketing experience while making money as I continued my job search.

Wednesday came along and before I got started on any plans, I heard back from a friend that the Anchor Inn in Edgerton was hiring. I got myself ready and drove out to Edgerton hoping for the best. I filled out the application and handed it in.

Before I left, I mentioned that I would be willing to do some social media work as well since they didn’t have a strong Facebook presence, no Twitter at all, and no website. The bartender said ‘one moment’ and ran outside to grab the owner. John came in and talked with me for about 5 minutes asking my availability and what I could offer them as far as social media. I told him I could do Facebook and Twitter for sure and try to create a website even though I’ve never done it before. Then he said ‘Okay, you’re hired, come in tomorrow at 10:30 to start training.’ I was so excited! I found a part-time serving job AND I would be doing social media marketing for them! I instantly went home and started working on a website.

Before I get too ahead of myself, for those of you who don’t know, the Anchor Inn is a restaurant located on the Rock River. It’s in Newville. But since that is an unincorporated little town, the address will tell you it’s in Edgerton. We have an outdoor deck/patio, grass seating, and as of last year we have an outdoor bar! Bands play live music on the weekends on our stage that sits right on the river. We also have tables inside and a nice bar area. Here are some picture of the Anchor Inn!

Anchor Inn

Anchor Inn Patio

Confessions of a Summer Intern: Meet Leah Beutler

Leah Beutler

Leah Beutler is a senior at UW-Whitewater, graduating this December. She is a double-major in Spanish and Direct & Interactive Marketing. She spent part of her summer as a Marketing Intern with the Madison Mallards.

The Madison Mallards are an unaffiliated collegiate baseball team. My first day, I was unsure of what to expect. First, we had intern orientation which lasted about 15 minutes. We all sat on the Budweiser Rooftop at the Mallards stadium and filled out paperwork while going through brief introductions. Immediately after orientation, we broke out into groups based on our internship titles: marketing, operations, hospitality, etc.

My office
Madison Mallards Internship Office

As a marketing intern, I am primarily responsible for community involvement and game day promotions. There are many aspects of each required task. Community involvement includes events such as parades and mascot appearances. I am responsible for showing up on time, interacting with customers, and being vocal about the Mallards upcoming events and games, encouraging community members to come to games. I am also responsible for the Culver’s Bat Kid which entitles me to call people who sign up at Culver’s and schedule a day for the Culver’s Bat Kid winner and his/her family to attend a Mallard’s game. They receive tickets to the game, fun prizes, and a meet and greet with the players before the game.

Game day promotions include 90-second games and activities during each inning break for each home game. We are responsible for making sure all participants, which are usually children, are safe and having fun. If something goes wrong, we are required to think on our feet and solve the issue as we think our boss would.

On game days, the marketing team is running around like headless chickens. We must prepare all of the promotional items for the evening. For example, if there is a bobble head give-away, bringing them all to the front; gathering paint for our Hallman Lindsay paint promotion; even wrapping heads of iceberg lettuce for “Iceberg awareness night.”

Additionally, we are responsible for gathering prize wheel prizes and making sure the prize wheels work and the signs are in good condition. Once gates open, we are responsible for finding people to participate in the on field promotions each night. Sometimes this is very easy and sometimes it is nearly impossible and we almost have to beg people, but the spots always get filled! Promotions require us to pay attention to the game and when there are three outs, we have to be ready to sprint on the field and start our promotion because our 90 seconds is ticking down. Community involvement and game day promotions are the majority of the marketing experience we get as a Mallards intern; however we put in a lot more work than just ‘marketing stuff’ on game days.

The 3rd base gate, where we run out for promotions.
3rd Base Gate

One thing I have learned already from this internship is that jobs in sports are extremely demanding, beyond what I believed. On game days, we arrive at the ballpark at 9 am and depending on the game, we usually don’t leave until around 10:30 pm. Prior to opening day, we worked several days from 9 am until 10 pm repainting chipped wood, organizing storage sheds, hanging signage, and running errands, amongst other things. It is usually six days a week and if we have games all weekend, there are no days off. I found that working for a sports team may not be my exact dream job after all, however a sports related job is still an option for me.

As I continue my summer, I don’t plan on staying at the Madison Mallards. I don’t think I am being challenged enough in certain areas and I think the best option for me is to explore what other options are out there. I am only a few months away (optimistically speaking) from graduation, and I am interested in spending my summer gaining different types of marketing knowledge. The experience at the Mallards was unique and I am glad I did it because I learned what really goes on behind the scenes and that working for a professional sports team is not my dream job after all.