When Do You Begin the Search for a Summer Internship?

This a question I’ve been getting a lot lately. Is it too early to start looking into summer internships? Is it worthwhile going to the Hawk Career Fair for summer internships?

As far as I’m concerned, it’s never too early to start looking into internships. And if you are planning on an internship this upcoming summer – nine months away – now is actually an ideal time to start your process.

Summer Time (I)

As you could see from last week’s post, there are a lot of organizations attending the Hawk Career Fair seeking interns. Some of them are focused on summer interns.

For example, most of the internships with Colony Brands (formerly The Swiss Colony) start in June. The Management Trainee Internship with Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a summer opportunity. Finally, if you want to intern with Target, you’ll want to connect with them at the fair. Their Stores Executive Internship is for Summer 2013.

Some students will end the fall semester with their summer internships set.

What if you’re not interested in the companies or summer opportunities at the Hawk Career Fair? Will you be behind if you don’t finish this semester with your summer internship secured?

Not at all. However, there are still some things to work on to keep your summer internship search on track:

  • Your Resume – Don’t wait until you absolutely need your resume to prepare it. Start working on it now. Have it reviewed by one of our career advisors. Then have it reviewed again, maybe by a different career advisor. You’ll have a knock-out resume ready to go when opportunities start to pop up.
  • Your Resources – What resources are best for finding internships in your field? Know what resources you want to use and make sure you know how to use them effectively. Take Hawk Jobs, for example. Do you know how to use the “Advanced Search” features? Did you know that you can have new postings emailed to you? Have you found the hidden career resources? If you answered no to any of these questions, you might want to meet with a career advisor for a short tutorial.
  • Your Strategy – Just like in a job search, there’s more to finding an internship than searching for opportunities on job boards. Networking is an important strategy, one that you can implement right now. Did you know that some students create their own internships? Is that a strategy that might work for you? It could be, and now is the perfect time to explore it.

If your plans include an internship for Summer 2013, now is the time to start. Even if you aren’t applying for anything right now (many more opportunities will pop up starting in late January), you will be completely ready when the time comes.

Photo by Jesus Solana

Find Your Internship at the 2012 Hawk Career Fair

Planning for a Summer 2013 internship? Still looking for a fall semester internship? Exploring spring opportunities? Then this year’s Hawk Career Fair is the place you need to be!

Of the 114 employers registered to attend the fair, 52 of them are seeking interns. Here is the list of specific internship positions being recruited for. To get more details, log into Hawk Jobs. You can search by employer through the “Career Fairs & Workshops” tab or search by position through the “Job Search” tab and using the provided job IDs.


  1. District Manager Internship with ALDI Inc.
  2. Human Resources Internship with Aptar – Seaquist Closures (Job ID 19849)
  3. IT Internship with Assurant Health (Job ID 20378)
  4. IT Business Analyst and Programmer Internships with C.H. Robinson
  5. Various Internships with Colony Brands, formerly The Swiss Colony (Job ID 20116)
  6. Management Trainee with Consolidated Electrical Distributors (Job ID 20396)
  7. Junior Programming Internship with Data Specialists, Inc. (Job ID 19974)
  8. Operations Internship with Direct Supply (Job ID 19622)
  9. CIS Application Support Internship with Direct Supply (Job ID 19623)
  10. Marketing Internship with Direct Supply (Job ID 19624)
  11. Management Trainee Internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  12. Management Trainee Internship with First Supply (Job ID 20497)
  13. Purchasing Internship with Generac Power Systems (Job ID 20361)
  14. Production Control Internship with Generac Power Systems (Job ID 20362)
  15. Other Various Internships with Generac Power Systems (Job ID 20185)
  16. IT Leadership Program Internship with GE (Job ID 20085)
  17. Production Management Internship with Hormel Foods (Job ID 19893)
  18. Quality & Process Control Internship with Hormel Foods (Job ID 19894)
  19. Supply Chain Internship with Hormel Foods (Job ID 19895)
  20. IT Internship with Hormel Foods (Job ID 19897)
  21. Sales Internship with Hormel Foods (Job ID 19899)
  22. Marketing Internship with Hormel Foods (Job ID 19900)
  23. Accounting, Sourcing and Customer Service Internships with IEWC
  24. Commercial Lines Claims and Underwriter Internships with Indiana Insurance, a division of Liberty Mutual (Job ID 20186)
  25. Supply Chain and Safety Internships with J.W. Speaker Corporation
  26. Accounting Internship with Kerry Ingredients & Flavours (Job ID 19856)
  27. Human Resources Internship with Kerry Ingredients & Flavours ( Job ID 19857)
  28. Accounting/Finance Internship with Kohler Co. (Job ID 20143)
  29. Loss Prevention Internship with Kohl’s Department Stores (Job ID 20643)
  30. Store Management Internships with Kohl’s Department Stores
  31. Management Internship with Maurices (Job ID 20504)
  32. Financial Representative Internships with Northwestern Mutual (Job IDs 1340 and 18329)
  33. IT Internship with Northwestern Mutual (Job ID 20494)
  34. Marketing Internships with ORBIS Corporation (Job ID 19438 and 20268)
  35. IT Internships with ORBIS Corporation (Job ID 20267 and 20358)
  36. Marketing Analyst Internship with ORBIS Corporation (Job ID 20359)
  37. Sales and Management Trainee Internships with Penske Truck Leasing
  38. Manufacturing Operations Internship with Poclain Hydraulics (Job ID 20284)
  39. Accounting/Finance and Actuary Internships with QBE the Americas
  40. Change Management, Software Developer and System Administrator Internships with Quad/Graphics
  41. Supply Chain Co-Op with Rockwell Automation (Job ID 20515)
  42. Application Development Internship with Schreiber Foods (Job ID 20319)
  43. IS Customer Support Internship with Schreiber Foods (Job ID 20320)
  44. Various Computer Science Internships with Skyline Technologies (Job ID 20318)
  45. Stores Executive Internship with Target (Job ID 18048)
  46. Finance Internships with TDS (Job IDs 20522 and 20523)
  47. Management/Sales Internship Program with Sherwin-Williams (Job ID 20091)
  48. Community Management Internship with Walgreens (Job ID 20182)
  49. IT Internships with We Energies
  50. Java Software Developer Internship with Widen Enterprises (Job ID 20208)
  51. Consulting Internship with Wipfli (Job ID 20092)
  52. Marketing Research Internship with Zywave (Job ID 20308)
  53. Software Developer Internship with Zywave (Job ID 20310)

Other employers are looking to connect with potential interns but don’t have specific openings. These include:

To make sure you’re ready for the fair, you can find some great posts on career fair strategies on our Career Spotlight Blog.

And get your resume recruiter-ready during this week’s Resume Doctor rotations. No appointments necessary – Resume reviews are first come, first served.

Finally, check out UWW Career on Facebook and Twitter for additional resume and career fair tips. Trying to figure out what to wear to the fair? Take a peek at my Pinterest boards, What to Wear – Women and What to Wear – Men.

There is a lot of career stuff going on in Career & Leadership Development this month, all of it geared at helping you get that internship! Good luck!

Welcome to the Fall 2011 Semester!

Back to school

Welcome Back Warhawks! I trust that the first week of classes went smoothly, and I hope you’re ready to get back into the school groove. Hopefully part of your 2011-2012 plans include an internship (or two).

Here’s a little look at what you might have missed over the summer and what you should definitely take advantage of this fall:

  • Confessions of a Summer Intern – For the second summer in a row, I recruited a group of four UWW interns to share their summer internship experiences with the masses. Alysondra, Gabby, Erin, and Sarah were all over the internships “map.” We learned what it’s like to be a virtual intern, we experienced what our nation’s capital has to offer interns, we headed oversees to London, and we got an insider’s view into a local powerhouse. If you missed any of the series this summer, definitely check it out!
  • Resume Dr. – Did you know that September is International Update-Your-Resume Month? I didn’t either until I saw it on Twitter last Tuesday. Get in the spirit by checking in at one of our first Resume Dr. events for the year:
    • Tuesday, September 20 – 9:00am to Noon – Hyland Hall Atrium
    • Wednesday, September 21 – 10:00am to 1:00pm – University Center Concourse
    • Thursday, September 22 – 1:00pm to 4:00pm – Andersen Library
  • Hawk Career Fair – Don’t miss out on the biggest UWW career fair of the year! Approximately 100 employers attend this annual event to recruit, and many come looking for more than just full-time employees. Internships make up a large segment of the available opportunities. Find the list of fair attendees and opportunities being recruited for on Hawk Jobs: www.uww.edu/career/hawkjobs.php.
  • Intern Spotlight – Did you have an awesome internship experience this summer? Or are you anticipating that your fall internship is going to rock? Then you definitely need to consider applying to be UWW Intern of the Month and be featured in our “Intern Spotlight”! If you’re not there yet, the Intern Spotlight is still very beneficial. Read UWW interns’ stories and learn from their experiences.

Be sure to hit the ground running when it comes to your internship search. I’ve already met with students planning for Summer 2012! It’s awesome!! Haven’t even come close to thinking that far ahead yet? Get going! The competition is already ahead of you…

If you want some one-on-one advising on your internship search, be sure to schedule an appointment with me, your trusty Internship Coordinator. Just contact Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 or drop by the office (UC 146 – up the ramps/stairs across from Willie’s 360/Freshens-side).

Beyond the in-person meetings, connect with me on Twitter. I tweet about current internship openings, and I share articles and tips to help in your search. I can also answer basic questions there – just send me a “reply” or “direct message” and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Wishing you all the best for the 2011-2012 academic year and in your quest for an amazing internship!

Photo by Avolore