Professional Bags for Men

Starting an internship means leaving the student world and entering the professional world. It’s time to look the part and ditch the backpack.

So what’s wrong with a backpack? Let me ask you – Why do you use a backpack? Is it because you’re a student and need it to carry your books and supplies? The answer is probably yes.

In this environment, a backpack making you look like a student is expected and normal. But in the workplace, you want to be seen as a professional. Looking like a professional helps you to be taken more seriously by co-workers, which is particularly important as an intern. And if you hope that your internship translates into a job, then making a good impression through your work AND overall image will help make that a reality.

For women, the backpack alternative is easier to find. But what about the men? Here are some examples of appropriate work bags for men:

Leather Excursion Messenger Bag – Red Envelope

Columbian Leather Messenger Bag – Kenneth Cole Reaction

Classic Messenger Bag – Timbuk2

This last example is better suited for a more casual workplace. But given the neutral color, it could work in a business casual environment.

For more professional wardrobe ideas, check out my boards on Pinterest:

Men – Are you using a professional looking bag when you go to work?