When Do You Begin the Search for a Summer Internship?

This a question I’ve been getting a lot lately. Is it too early to start looking into summer internships? Is it worthwhile going to the Hawk Career Fair for summer internships?

As far as I’m concerned, it’s never too early to start looking into internships. And if you are planning on an internship this upcoming summer – nine months away – now is actually an ideal time to start your process.

Summer Time (I)

As you could see from last week’s post, there are a lot of organizations attending the Hawk Career Fair seeking interns. Some of them are focused on summer interns.

For example, most of the internships with Colony Brands (formerly The Swiss Colony) start in June. The Management Trainee Internship with Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a summer opportunity. Finally, if you want to intern with Target, you’ll want to connect with them at the fair. Their Stores Executive Internship is for Summer 2013.

Some students will end the fall semester with their summer internships set.

What if you’re not interested in the companies or summer opportunities at the Hawk Career Fair? Will you be behind if you don’t finish this semester with your summer internship secured?

Not at all. However, there are still some things to work on to keep your summer internship search on track:

  • Your Resume – Don’t wait until you absolutely need your resume to prepare it. Start working on it now. Have it reviewed by one of our career advisors. Then have it reviewed again, maybe by a different career advisor. You’ll have a knock-out resume ready to go when opportunities start to pop up.
  • Your Resources – What resources are best for finding internships in your field? Know what resources you want to use and make sure you know how to use them effectively. Take Hawk Jobs, for example. Do you know how to use the “Advanced Search” features? Did you know that you can have new postings emailed to you? Have you found the hidden career resources? If you answered no to any of these questions, you might want to meet with a career advisor for a short tutorial.
  • Your Strategy – Just like in a job search, there’s more to finding an internship than searching for opportunities on job boards. Networking is an important strategy, one that you can implement right now. Did you know that some students create their own internships? Is that a strategy that might work for you? It could be, and now is the perfect time to explore it.

If your plans include an internship for Summer 2013, now is the time to start. Even if you aren’t applying for anything right now (many more opportunities will pop up starting in late January), you will be completely ready when the time comes.

Photo by Jesus Solana