Bonus Confession: My 15 Minutes with the CMO

Just as Amanda was wrapping up her summer internship, along came a great  opportunity that she wanted to share. Here is a bonus summer intern “confession” from Amanda on her meeting with her internship host’s Chief Marketing Officer…

The last week of my internship I received an awesome surprise – I was one of three interns who got the privilege to have a 15-minute one-on-one with the Chief Marketing Officer. The agenda for the 1:1 was primary contributions, lessons learned, and dream job in marketing.

Although I am a confident presenter, this was no ordinary meeting – I needed to practice with my AVPs (assistant vice presidents) to make sure my presentation was perfect. I practiced upwards of 10 times and made sure I was able to answer follow-up questions comfortably. I enjoyed practicing, because I really liked my AVP’s and knew that their feedback was helpful. In the past I have been told that I talk too fast and, with their help, I was able to adjust my talking speed to something easier to listen to.

Amanda Meets CMO

On the day of the meeting, I put on my brand new suit and Louboutins and got ready to present my topics. I can’t say that I was nervous – but I was very excited! When I got to the meeting, I was able to cover my contributions thoroughly. He was very interested in the work my co-intern and I did with the segmentation guide and most of our conversation focused on that. I’m glad we were able to talk in depth about the guide, because it was a very large project and I was very proud of it.

The 15 minutes flew by and before I knew it the chat was over.  We weren’t able to talk about lessons learned or my dream job in marketing, but I am very pleased with how much we talked about the segmentation guide. I had prepared a takeaway, so although we could not talk about all topics, he was able to read the short bullets I had prepared (Always leave a takeaway – I was very glad I had one prepared!). He thanked me for my participation in the internship program, and the meeting concluded.

I was incredibly grateful for my opportunity to meet with the CMO and for my internship opportunity in general. I now have no fear whatsoever when handing someone my resume, because I have amazing experiences that I can stand on. The internships I have had have given me confidence and experience – a combo I appreciate greatly.