Confessions of a Summer Intern: Meet Jay Brannan

Jay Brannan

Hello Everyone!

After waking up early for classes all year, you think I would want to sleep in until noon every day over the summer. Not me. I am a morning person! I love waking up around 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning, having a hearty breakfast, and reading the newspaper.

This summer, my mornings are a little different. After finishing the newspaper, I am taking on an opportunity in which I will further my knowledge in my career path and where I can use my many talents to make a profound impact on the lives of who I work with. I am a Human Resources Intern for St. Coletta of Wisconsin.

For those of you who haven’t heard of St. Coletta or don’t know much about the company, I will take the pleasure of telling you a little about them. St. Coletta of Wisconsin was founded in 1904 by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi and is one of the oldest Catholic service organizations in the country dedicated to supporting adults with developmental and other disabilities. They offer residential and vocational programs that embrace the concepts of independence, community inclusion, choice, and empowerment.

St. Coletta of Wisconsin

Let me introduce myself a bit more. I am a junior at UWW and will be graduating May 2014. I am majoring in Human Resource Management with a minor in Communications. I also have a very strong interest in the Marketing field. I am a very active member of AMA (American Marketing Association) and I am an Account Executive for CMU (Creative Marketing Unlimited). I am also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. In the fall semester, I am excited about becoming a new member of SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management).

I started my internship on June 11th. The first day was training and orientation with other employees of St. Coletta’s. Experiencing other work training days that have been boring, I was very surprised that I, as well as all the others, enjoyed the training. We even laughed a few times with the Human Resource Generalist giving the presentation! During the break where we all got to meet more with our supervisors, I found myself already filing out employee’s I-9 forms. (The purpose of an I-9 Form is to document that each new employee is authorized to work in the United States.)

I work directly under the Human Resource Generalist at the Rolling Meadows office in Northern Illinois. With being the only intern in the office, I find more time to focus on my projects and getting to know the employees on both a professional and personal level.

As an HR intern, I have a lot of responsibilities that range from benefit administration to training and development and everything else in between. A big part of my internship is dealing with talent acquisition (recruiting). This will be my ‘baby’ throughout my time at St. Coletta’s.

Jay at Work

In talent acquisition, I use our APPTRAK system to keep track of the applications that we receive. (It is pretty easy to understand when I put it that way.) APPTRAK also includes the whole application process from start to finish – from when we receive a resume all the way to whether or not we offer them a position.

St. Coletta of Wisconsin is such a great place to work! There is so much history in this company. All of the development and growth St. Coletta has had in its 108 years is itself a huge accomplishment. The people that I work with are all great too! I am thankful that this is where I am doing my interning.