Confessions of a Summer Intern: Meet Kaitlynn Parrott

Kaitlynn Parrott

Hello everyone!

My name is Kaitlynn Parrott and I am a Graphic Design Intern at the James R. Connor University Center right here on campus. I started my internship in May and have enjoyed it since the first day. I’m a senior this year double majoring in Graphic Design and Journalism with an Advertising emphasis graduating in December. This internship, lucky for me, was able to cover both of my majors at the same time.

I’m an active board member for Whitewater Advertising Association (WAA) and a photographer for The Royal Purple.

When searching for internships and resume builders, students tend to look over the opportunities so close to home, literally. There are so many chances to excel and become successful right here on campus. I myself am guilty of such practices in the past and was so grateful for this opportunity.

The University Center is a great place to not only work, but enjoy your time. There are so many gallery showings, free workshops, useful resources, fun events, and a great atmosphere – it’s hard not to love it. I didn’t realize until I started designing for the UC the great things our university has to offer. Most of the time the events are free, and who as a college kid says no to free stuff? Being here for even this short amount of time, it’s disappointing that I didn’t pay more attention to on-campus activities in the past, but that has all changed now!

As a graphic designer for the University Center, I help in assisting with the promotional needs of many different departments inside the UC. We produce many materials such as posters, brochures, digital signage, web banners, t-shirts, and much more. Everyone works together as a team to produce successful campaigns. All of the employees work hard to maintain the proficient standards of the UC and to make it beneficial for every student, faculty member, and guest.

I have worked as a waitress for over five years and have learned the importance of customer satisfaction. This skill has taken effect in my internship because since we do deal with clients, their happiness is the most important thing. I’m learning to adapt to the client’s needs and not my own.

A rewarding thing about being a graphic designer for the University Center is being able to actually see your work in action. It’s nice to walk past a poster you made and think to yourself, “Yeah, I made that,” or walk past a coworker’s and think, “She really did a great job on that.”

Hanging some posters in the UC.
Hanging Posters in the UC

The people I work with are also one of my favorite parts of my internship. Everyone is so friendly and always accompanied by a smile. Whenever anyone or I need help, there is always someone ready to answer any question or assist in any way they can.

Discussing graphic options and choosing which color palette is the best for a poster.
Kaitlynn and Coworkers

I’m very eager to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me. I’m anticipating a great summer and will continue to keep you updated in my future posts!