Confessions of a Summer Intern: Meet Amanda McLernon

Amanda McLernon

Hey Y’all!

I’m Amanda McLernon and I am a Market Analyst Intern in San Antonio, Texas. This is my second summer in this position and I am excited to share my experience with others. Due to a very strict privacy policy, I cannot reveal the name of my employer at this time. However, in my later blog posts I will be able to. (I need to have each blog reviewed by the company and because I started on May 29, they don’t have enough time to review this post.)

At UWW, I am a senior and will graduate this December. I have previously been involved in RHA, NRHH, and various other activities. I currently work for the Royal Purple selling advertising space. I am a marketing major and am excited to be completing a marketing internship.

One question that many people have is “Why Texas?!” I understand that San Antonio is a long way to travel for an internship, but I have never believed that a person should be limited to “close” cities when they search for a job. I chose my employer because they have a fantastic internship program and are financially stable… meaning that the possibility for a job would be strong.

I was nervous about moving to San Antonio last summer, but quickly made many friends and enjoyed my time here. I was fortunate to stay with friends both summers, however my employer was willing to help me find housing (an apartment) if I needed one. I was also given a “long distance bonus” which made coming down here very easy for me. I have fallen in love with San Antonio and would love to move here after graduation.

I started my internship on May 29. The first day was a training experience that all interns were required to attend. The training itself was repetitive because it was literally the exact same from last year, but I was glad to have the time to bond with the other interns in my department. After a long day of training the interns in my department decided to go out to dinner and to watch the Spurs game together. San Antonio is about as crazy for the Spurs as we are for the Packers. We had a great time and enjoyed getting together outside of work. We decided that we would try to get together at least once a week.

The other interns and I at BJ’s Brewhouse watching the Spurs game!
Spurs Game Fun!

I’ll write more about my internship and my specific job responsibilities as soon as I can – apologies for the temporarily vague post. I value my job and thus respect my employer’s privacy policy!