Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

It’s time for me to sign-off for the spring semester, but the quiet will only be temporary.

Once again this summer, the UW-Whitewater Internships Blog will feature four students and their internships. Confessions of a Summer Intern will begin on June 4th and run each week through mid-August. Stay tuned!

With the spring semester coming to a close and summer starting, here are a few reminders from internship-land:

  • It isn’t necessarily too late to secure an internship for this summer. We still have new summer internships being posted on Hawk Jobs. Or at this point, you might start putting together a proposal for an internship position. Whatever you do, don’t give up on your search just yet.
  • If an internship wasn’t in the cards for this summer, start preparing for the future. Don’t forget that internships aren’t exclusive to the summer months – Consider a fall semester internship. Fall and spring internships tend to be a little less competitive. They are also super-part-time, as I like to say – 10 to 15 hours/week (you do want to find an internship that is at least 10 hours a week). If you are interested in earning credit for an internship, fall and spring are the ideal times for it. Also keep in mind that some employers hire for their summer internships during the fall. So if you want an internship next summer – Summer 2013 – be sure to mark your calendar and save the date for the 2012 Hawk Career Fair:
    • Wednesday, September 26, 2012
    • Noon to 4:00pm
    • Williams Center, Gym 1
  • Summer is the perfect time to do some career planning. Whether it’s developing your internship search strategy or just putting together your resume, summer provides enough downtime to get it done. Career & Leadership Development is open all summer, and scheduling an appointment is easy.
    • Stop by the office – UC 146
    • Call – 262-472-1471
  • If you do have a summer internship, don’t forget to apply to be UW-W Intern of the Month. The intern-of-the-month program runs September through May. Applications for September 2012 will be accepted until August 20th. If you have a great experience and did a great job, be sure to tell us about it!

Best of luck on finals and congratulations to all the graduates!