Confessions of a Summer Intern: Saying Goodbye to England

Erin Quist and Co-Workers

I have now completed my internship and returned home. It was a very short internship, only the run of one production and then some, but it has taught me quite a bit and given me experiences I could never have attained through a classroom.

In my last few days of my internship, we were setting up for a production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” which had performed at another theatre prior to coming to Upstairs at the Gatehouse. The stage manager, which is the job I normally do, had never run a show before, so it was my job for those few days to try and ease her into it. She got the hang of it by my last day and ran the show very smoothly opening night.

It was very sad to leave. Even though I hadn’t been with the theatre for very long my habits and routines were comfortable and I was feeling more and more certain of my abilities, including working with English electric and their ridiculously huge plugs.

My very last day in England I did not have to work, but I did have to be at the airport by noon. So I got up very early and went back to all my favorite places in London. Trafalgar square, Embankment gardens, traditional English tea and a particularly long Tube ride out to Heathrow.

London Sight Seeing

Tea Time

Upon landing the first thing I wanted to do was get a good American hot dog.

Since being home, I’ve found it hard to keep from saying things such as ‘In England….’ But I do not really see this as a big problem. I have had an experience that many people have not. I have learned about differences in theatre that might not be obvious and I have met people who are very different from those in Wisconsin. With only a year left in school I hope that my internship will help me to take more out of my schooling, that in the future it will help open more doors, and that my global experience will prove beneficial to my future productions.

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