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How deeply have you dug into Hawk Jobs? If your answer is not very, then you are definitely missing out on some great resources for your internship search.

Log into Hawk Jobs and scan over to the Career Resources section along the top of your screen. Here you will find some of the hidden gems we have to offer UW-W students. I have already written about my love for one of these resources, EmployOn. Today, I want to highlight is a dedicated internship search engine. A brief description from their site states:

Everything you need to find, apply and get an internship all in one place

  • Search the world’s largest internship marketplace
  • Find employers like Disney, Fox, MTV, Burton, IBM and tons of small and midsize firms
  • Use keywords related to industry, major and more to search for internships

Sounds pretty good, huh? Here is why I think you should check out

  • Internships Alone. When you use other search engines out there, including the before mentioned EmployOn, you need to use “internship” as an additional keyword in order to siphon out these opportunities from other job jobs. There’s no need to do this with because, as the name implies, internships are all they got.
  • Resources Galore! While the primary reason you might visit is to access information on opportunities, you will also find a great collection of student resources designed to help you through the internship process from A to Z:
    • The Basics
    • The Preparation
    • The Search
    • The Interview
    • The Workplace
    • The Paperwork
  • Social Media Connection. In addition to their main website, has delved into the realm of social media to connect you to information and opportunities. @internships is very active on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook. Read their blog, Eye of the Intern. Download their Internship Seeker iPhone app. definitely understands technology.

If you are a non-UW-Whitewater student reading this, don’t despair. While UW-Whitewater has an Affiliate University relationship with, it is a resource that is open to the masses. Visit their site and take advantage of the same great resources.

Question of the Week:

Have you used in your search? What do you think about it?