Resource Spotlight: EmployOn

Photo by Leland Francisco

It’s official: I am in love with EmployOn! Career & Leadership Development invested in this technology this academic year, and it has quickly become a staff favorite. So why do I love EmployOn? Here are just some of the reasons:

  • EmployOn can pull information on internships (and permanent jobs) from various job boards and corporate websites. If an internship is posted somewhere on the web, EmployOn should find it.
  • While you can obviously search by the type of position you seek, you can also perform skills-based searches. This makes it easier to find opportunities you’re qualified for and reduces the risk of narrowing your search too much.
  • Just as with Hawk Jobs and other job boards, you can save searches and receive regular email updates with new openings.

I also love the fact that I’ve stumbled upon awesome internship opportunities with Tiffany & Co. and Crate & Barrel, two of my personal favorites, while working with students. I want to be an intern again…

So how do you access this fabulous tool? Log in to Hawk Jobs, scroll over to the Career Resources section, and select EmployOn from the drop-down menu. You will be asked to create an account; this is a free service for UW-Whitewater students.

What about you non-UWW readers? You can access similar services that are provided by Indeed and Simply Hired.

Question of the Week
Have you used EmployOn, Indeed, or Simply Hired in your internship search? How did you like it?