Bring On the Summer Internship Search

Photo by Mark Zimmermann

Welcome back from winter break! I hope you had a relaxing, yet productive time away from campus. Many students’ summer internship searches kick into high gear now. What should you be doing? Here are some ideas:

  • If you don’t know what you’re looking for, figure it out NOW! Your internship search becomes exponentially more difficult if you aren’t clear on what kind of internship you’re seeking. I meet with far too many students who, when asked what kind of work they hope to do, say “anything” or “I don’t know.” First, this doesn’t help me help them. Second, there are a lot of different types of opportunities out there – how will this student even begin to narrow it down? Now, this isn’t to say that you must make a decision about the rest of your life right now. However, you should have an idea of one or two career fields you’re interested in and hoping to explore through an internship.
  • Have your resume reviewed by a professional. For most internship applications, a resume is a must. Since you spent time crafting your resume over the break (right??), it’s time to get some feedback to make sure your resume is as competitive as possible. Schedule an appointment with a staff member in Career & Leadership Development. Get some feedback from a trusted faculty mentor. Keep in mind that summer internships tend to be more competitive than fall or spring opportunities. Set yourself up for interview-obtaining success.
  • Set up a search schedule. People say that a job search should be a full-time job in itself. Does your internship search need to be a full-time job, too? Probably not. Should it be like a part-time job? Maybe. Devote a few hours every week to your internship search. This includes looking up opportunities, making contact with people in your network, and submitting application materials. Schedule this time, just as you might schedule study time, and commit to respecting the time you have set aside.

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