Internship To-Dos for a Snowy Winter’s Day

How many of you will be seeking an internship for Summer 2011?

Winter break is quickly approaching and come the end of January, the rush for summer internships will be on. Don’t want to be left in the dust? Here are some winter break to-dos to get you on top of the internship search game:

  • Get your paperwork in order. You want to be ready to hit the ground running for your internship search as soon as spring semester begins. Over the break, take the time to update and polish your resume. First of all, add information from your fall semester: a new part-time job, student organization memberships, etc. Second, craft your resume to speak to the types of internships you’re applying for: highlight the relevant and reconsider the irrelevant. Remember, Career & Leadership Development is open during the break. You can schedule an appointment to review your resume or send it to us via email at
  • Start your research. Some organizations have started posting summer internships. Others won’t until closer to February. Either way, begin browsing what’s out there and get a sense of what employers are looking for. Start exploring possible internship sites in the geographical area you hope to be in. Learn about organizations you’re interested in working for. Do some internship homework while you have a break from academic coursework.
  • Get your networking on. Are you planning to live at home this summer? While you’re there for winter break,  build your network and/or contact people you know. Reach out to organizations that might be able to host an intern in the work you wish to do. Set up informational interviews. Talk with your parents or family friends and put the word out that you are seeking a summer internship. Start working your connections now!

I will be on hiatus until the week of January 17th. Please consider applying for January’s Intern Spotlight! I would love to feature more intern stories next semester!

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Have a safe and happy winter break!

Photo by liz west