Confessions of a Summer Intern: Getting the Hang Things


This is Jon back with an update on my internship at Nasco in Fort Atkinson. It’s been over two months since I started my internship, and I can safely say that I’m starting to get the hang of things around here. I have finished working on four different catalogs so far, and I start a new one tomorrow. Mix in a few proofing jobs here and there, and I have definitely been keeping busy.

NASCO Admin Office

The internship experience so far has been amazing; I am learning so much about my field and the things that I like and don’t like to do. Just like Ellen was saying, I encourage anyone considering an internship to do it. Employers are looking for experience from college students now more than ever, and there is no better way to show that than through an internship.

The two things that come to mind that I would want future interns to know is don’t be afraid to ask questions and you don’t have to be perfect.

As new employees, we’re expected not to know everything. So instead of sitting around in utter confusion for minutes (or hours), go ask someone what needs to be done or if they can help you with what you’re doing. Just make sure that the question isn’t something you could’ve easily answered yourself. Remember you’re there to help the company just as much as they are there to help you. So don’t be afraid to ask.

To go along those lines, employers aren’t expecting perfection from you. They’re expecting a good effort and willingness to improve. I’ve made plenty of mistakes already, and I wasn’t yelled at, degraded, or fired over them. I simply fixed them, learned from them, and moved on. There’s no reason to be anxious over a mistake. They always seem bigger than they really are and your coworkers have probably done the same thing once or twice in the past.

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  1. That is one thing that I love about internships. They are a great opportunity to learn new skills and really try out your field without the pressure of being a “real employee”. Good luck as you continue!

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