Confessions of a Summer Intern: Leaping Into Internship

Ellen here with an update from the beautiful state of Oregon. I’m only a few weeks into my Student Affairs internship and I already know that it’s having a profound impact on me.

The internship itself is filled with learning. I am utilizing my research skills and also learning some new skills. I feel that I’ve adapted decently to a new office and also a new living arrangement (living in a residence hall after 5 years of living on my own, plus being almost 2,000 miles away from family).

Hoke Union Building

Hoke Union Building, where I work.

I have had the opportunity for professional development that will help the job search that will be happening next year. My supervisor has given me a great book to read, Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs. It’s a must read for anyone considering or starting a profession in Student Affairs. Navigating any professional field can be tough. It’s nice to know how to navigate through some of it with advice from those who came before you.

I think the profound part of my internship has been the overall experience. Everything from driving across the country, to experiencing nature at its most beautiful, to stepping out of my comfort zone, have all made a difference.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone & Yellowstone River. One of the several awe-inspiring places I’ve encountered this summer.

I know a lot of people say that you should take the leap of faith and do something that scares or tests you. From the experience I have had the past few weeks, I am saying, do it. Take the leap of faith to do something, anything. You never know where you will land after taking the leap. It could be in a valley where you are surrounded by foothills, mountains, and nature everyday as you go to internship. Wherever you end up for an internship, do one and I guarantee you will not regret it. Use an internship not only to test drive a career, but also a test drive of how you want to live your life. You never know where you will land unless you take the leap.

Catherine Creek State Park

Hiking at Catherine Creek State Park. The Wallowa Mountains are in the distance.

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