Confessions of a Summer Intern: Meet Jon McGuff

Jon McGuff

Welcome to the 40-hour work week

The road to recovery for an injured Major League pitcher is rather amazing. After surgery, the pitcher goes through months of rehab and physical therapy. Eventually, he begins to build up the strength in his arm and with practice pitches off the mound. Finally, when the pitcher is almost ready to return, he throws a simulated game. This game involves real hitters, and all the basic baseball rules apply; however, the game doesn’t count. The purpose of a simulated game is to mimic a real game as much as possible in order to re-introduce the pitcher to the situations and stressors that he can only learn from in a game-like atmosphere. To me, my internship is like a simulated game. I’m getting the opportunity to experience what a professional job feels like before I graduate from college.

My name is Jonathan McGuff, and I am a senior at UW-Whitewater. Next fall will be my last semester, and it’s amazing how fast my time here has flown by. Originally an accounting major, I ended up changing my major to English with an emphasis in professional writing and book publishing. I am currently interning as a copywriter at a catalog company called Nasco located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. My main job there is to write, edit, and proofread the descriptions for the products that Nasco sells in their catalogs.

One interesting thing about my internship is how much I am learning about the work place apart from my major-oriented tasks. Never working a 40-hour week before in my life, the transition to the eight-hour-a-day shifts has caused me to re-evaluate how much sleep I need to get and how I should utilize my time during and after work. The company dress code and other policies allow me to practice keeping to a standard set by an employer. Finally, the interoffice communications I have with coworkers and superiors is helping to shape me into a more accountable, responsible, and team-oriented employee.

So not only is this internship giving me experience in my specific field, but it is also giving me experience in the more general field of working. That experience is my simulated game, and I can take that with me no matter where I end up in the future.