Resource Spotlight: The Student Conservation Association

Yosemite Valley

Last week was Spring Break here at UW-Whitewater. The campus was, of course, extremely quiet as students enjoyed their trips either to home or to someplace more exotic. I wasn’t traveling but was here at work, dreaming of my upcoming vacation to Yosemite National Park. This will be my first visit to a national park and a huge boost to my budding outdoorsy interests.

I realize that I might be new to this nature-loving lifestyle, but others have grown up with it. If you are one of those people or if, like me, you’re new to adventurous living, check out The Student Conservation Association (SCA). Since 1957, the SCA has been placing volunteers in conservation service opportunities. The SCA has grown to include several different programs, one of which is SCA Internships.

SCA Internships are available in many fields. There are the obvious environmental opportunities, but there are also positions working with design, historical resources, and technology. The SCA offers opportunities is all 50 states and provides a living stipend, housing, and travel costs.

The following are some examples of internships through the SCA:

To learn more about the SCA, visit their website: Search for internships at You can also follow the SCA on Twitter at @the_sca and @SCAInternships.

I know I’ll be a fan of the Wildlife Management Intern in Yosemite. Anyone working to reduce human and bear conflicts in Yosemite this June is a friend of mine!

Yosemite National Park photo by irene.

Bear photo by Ed Coyle Photography