Internship Week 2010: Day 1

Internship Week got off to a great start on Monday! So many good questions from students looking for that ideal internship. A great question was raised at the Internship Search Bootcamp: Are there internship positions that are going unfilled?

This same issue came up in December when I attended the WI-ACE (Wisconsin Association of Colleges & Employers). I had a couple of employers ask me where all of the students were; they had internship opportunities available, but no applicants. What was going on?

I don’t know if I have a good answer as to why this is happening. This past fall, I read articles addressing this issue. One thought was that students weren’t engaging in serious job searches because, according to the media, there are no jobs out there. Since there are “no jobs,” why bother looking?

As far as internships go, there are opportunities out there. We currently have 122 internships posted on HawkQuest. Just in the past couple of days, I’ve “tweeted” seven different internship opportunities. And keep in mind that I’m not capturing even half of the opportunities that exist out there…

So if you want an internship, keep looking. Yes, it’s tough out there – not as many opportunities, yet a lot of competition. Hang in there! And remember, I’m here to help!