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I’m going in a slightly different direction for this installment of the Resource Spotlight. Instead of a resource for finding internships, I’m going to highlight a resource to help you achieve success in your internship search and, eventually, your career: The Student Branding Blog –

The Student Branding Blog is a recent addition to Dan Schawbel’s “Personal Branding” empire. Schawbel is author of the book Me 2.0 and publisher of both Personal Branding Magazine and Personal Branding Blog. Where the Personal Branding Blog targets an audience of current professionals, the Student Branding Blog addresses college students (undergraduate and graduate). Topics covered range from choosing a major to building a strong resume to building a strong network. Contributors include college career advisors and counselors as well as current students and graduates.

So how is the Student Branding Blog a helpful resource for prospective and current interns? Personal branding is all about how you market yourself to others, in this case employers hiring interns. Obtaining an internship is becoming an increasingly competitive process, and students who market themselves most effectively are going to have the advantage in achieving their internship goals. As a potential intern, the things you are doing in college right now are becoming part of your personal brand. The articles on the Student Branding Blog are all about strategies for building a strong brand while you are in college.

To give an example, Kelly Cuene, one of the Student Branding Blog’s contributors and career advisor at UW-Madison, wrote a piece this past week about a friend who created his own job. She details what her friend did as he started his job search and the proactive strategies he applied to finally land an opportunity. Now while this story is all about a permanent job search, I talk with students about utilizing the very same strategies for developing their own internship opportunities.

What do you think of the Student Branding Blog?

What article(s) where most helpful, particularly from the internship search perspective?

How are you marketing yourself as a prime internship candidate?

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  1. Hi Laura! I just happened to see this post this evening and wanted to thank you for mentioning the Student Branding blog here. If ever you or your students have feedback for the contributors, I’d love to hear it.

    UWW students are really lucky to have you and all that you’ve done with this blog as a resource!

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