Resource Spotlight: Big Shoes Network


Students who have big feet need big shoes. Students looking for internships in advertising, communications, graphic design, public relations, or web development/design also need big shoes…Big Shoes Network that is!

Big Shoes Network (BSN) – – is an all-around great resource for students looking for internships (and eventually permanent jobs) in the aforementioned fields. Even better, one of BSN’s primary markets is Wisconsin and they’re based in Milwaukee. This is perfect for UW-W students looking for fall or spring semester opportunities.

Through BSN, you can search for internships in specific regions of Wisconsin (ex. Southeast Wisconsin) and Illinois. They have a resource directory where you can search for organizations in specific fields. For example, you could do a search for advertising firms in Southeast Wisconsin. Knowing that some organizations list information about internships on their own sites, this feature can point you to those potential resources.

In addition to search-related resources, BSN advertises industry events. As I’ve said before and will likely say again, networking is super important in the internship search. You could make some valuable contacts by attending industry events.

They also list popular books in areas such as Advertising & Marketing, Leadership, and Personal Development. Finally, their Links section provides information on professional associations and other resources in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

If you’re on Twitter, you can find BSN there, too: @BigShoesNetwork. While I “retweet” most of the internships that they “tweet,” you might want to follow them yourself if you’re going into one of their target fields. And if you are going into one of those target fields (i.e. Communications, PR, Marketing, Advertising), you should probably be on Twitter. I hear that “social media” thing is kind of big in those fields.

UW-Whitewater has good connections with Big Shoes Network. I personally thank the hard work that they do in promoting those ever-important internships!


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Photo by richt