Use Twitter for Your Internship Search

As I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I am now on Twitter. On the downside, I’ve found that I’m becoming addicted to Twitter. On the upside, I’m on Facebook a lot less. Seriously though, the true upside is the wealth of information I’m coming across every day regarding internships, recruiting trends, resume/interview advice, etc. I’m following several university career centers, career counselors/coaches, internship service providers, and HR insiders. The flow of information is constant, and I love passing the information along to all the UW-W students following me on Twitter and/or reading my blog.

I’ve read that not many college students are on Twitter…yet. With the increased media attention on Twitter, this might be changing. If you’re not on Twitter yet, I’d encourage you to try it out. Just in case you’re not familiar with Twitter and how it works, here’s a quick overview in plain English:

While Twitter is another social media website, it also has the potential to be helpful for your internship search and professional development. Social media sites are networking sites, and Twitter can be a good platform for networking. Tweeting your way to an internship, however, requires thought and attention. Learn how to use Twitter well, especially if you’re a beginner. You’ll want to use proper “twittiquette,” and you must be careful about what you tweet. What you write is public and can leave strong impressions upon potential employers. There are already cautionary tales in this area! Read this post about tweeting to get a job or internship and check out TwiTip for general advice on getting the most out of Twitter.

In addition to networking with professionals, Twitter can provide you with a ton of useful information for your internship search, including information on specific internship opportunities. You could follow people like @InternQueen, @gigigirls88 (of, and @willyf (of One Day, One Internship) for internship-specific information. If you’re going into public relations, marketing, or advertising, @BigShoesNetwork is a great to follow – they tweet about internship opportunities in the Milwaukee area. And like I said, there are a lot of career centers jumping onto the Twitter bandwagon – many of them tweet helpful internship search information as well as basic career advice. I’m on the list!

I’m going to keep tweeting and I hope some of my tweets help you in your internship quest. I’ll try to keep my budding addiction in check, preventing Twitter from becoming my “digital crack.”  If things get really bad, I’ll put myself on a “twitter diet.”

Are you on Twitter? Do you feel that Twitter is a useful tool for your internship search? Why or why not?

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  1. Twitter and social networking in general is becoming more of an authority to grab a more detailed background check on potential employees. This goes beyond your criminal, credit and other court records. You want to be very careful as to what you say and who you say it to. Also make sure that if you’re profile is public, that you make sure your friends are posting things that would make you look bad.

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