Welcome Back Students! Have you signed into Canvas yet?

The University of Wisconsin System is transitioning from Desire2Learn (D2L) to Canvas.  Here is what you should know for the Fall Semester.

  • Courses may be in either Canvas or D2L. During the Fall 2018, Winter 2019 and Spring 2019 semesters instructors have the option to use either Desire2learn or Canvas for their courses.  If you aren’t sure where to find your course, be sure to ask your instructor and they can point you in the right direction.
  • Canvas 24/7/365 support is available for all users.  Most students are already familiar with the D2L Support Form, but what happens when a student needs help with Canvas?  You can contact the Canvas 24/7/365 Support team.  You can find the Chat and E-mail options on both the Canvas Login Page and in the Help button in the lower left hand corner after you are logged in.  If you prefer to call someone, you can reach the 24/7/365 Support at 1-833-811-3207.
  • Self-paced Student Training Course is available. Anyone interested in receiving an introduction to Canvas before the start of the semester can self-enroll in the state provided Canvas Student Training course http://go.uww.edu/canvas-student-training
  • Informational Tables Available 9/4-9/7. During the first week of classes ICIT will bat at various places around campus to chat with students.  See the list below for details, or just keep an eye out for us.
    • Esker Dining Hall: Tuesday Sept 4th from 11:30AM-12:30PM
    • University Center: Wednesday Sept 5th from 11:30PM-12:30PM
    • Drumlin Dining Hall: Thursday Sept 6th from 12:30PM-1:30PM
    • University Center: Friday Sept 7th from 12:30PM-1:30PM

If you have questions regarding the Canvas Transition, please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

Lynda.com – Summer of Learning: Travel plans this summer?

The Traveling Photographer

Whether you’re visiting the seaside, taking off on a desert road trip or visiting the family cabin, you’ll want to capture your vacation on camera. While you’re out there exploring, don’t forget that as a student, faculty or staff member you have access to Lynda.com’s entire course library for free!

Check out Lynda.com’s The Traveling Photographer series for some tips and tricks for various locations! Some of the courses in the series include:


Lynda.com Info Sessions – Wednesday, April 25th

The Learning Technology Center and Lynda.com would like to invite you to signup for some great Lynda events we have planned for Wednesday, April 25th. Our Lynda.com representatives will be on campus and will be offering the following presentations. Registration is required.

Closing the Skills Gap with Lynda.com – Register Now
Time: 10:00AM – 10:45AM
Audience: Instructors and Staff
From Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite applications to time management, leadership fundamentals, and more, our vast online library of instructional videos offers training on hundreds of topics.  In this session, representatives from Lynda.com will go over ways Lynda can help improve softcore skills and build professional relationships.

Informational Table in the University Center – No Registration Required
Time: 11:00AM – 1:00PM
Audience: Everyone
Stop by and ask your questions!

How to Incorporate Lynda.com in the Classroom – Register Now
Time: 2:00PM – 2:45PM
Audience: Instructors

We all know about how Lynda.com has tons of software videos, but as an instructor you may be asking, “What does that matter to me? I already go over that content.” In this Session, we will go over different ways to incorporate Lynda in the classroom in a way that helps reinforce learning for the student and gives you, the instructor, more in-class time.

Get the “Scoop” on Learning with Lynda.com – Ice Cream Social – Register Now
Time: 3:00PM – 3:45PM
Audiences: Everyone
Trying to learn a new skill? Lynda can help! In this afternoon session, students, faculty and staff are welcome to stop by and learn all about what Lynda has to offer. Spoiler Alert, it’s not just for class. Lynda can teach you about different skills for your small business. It can also help you become the EDM Producer that you day dream about in your 8:00am Marketing Class. Come for the Ice Cream, stay to start learning online, on your time!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Kaltura “My Media” Update in Desire2Learn

The “My Media” Kaltura integration with Desire2Learn has received an update!  The new update offers an updated file upload tool, and also a direct link to CaptureSpace LiteThe overall process has not changed – it is still accessed via the “Insert Stuff” tool.

Kaltura My Media – Old Interface

Kaltura My Media – New Interface

Note: If the videos need to be viewed full screen, please follow these steps: https://kb.wisc.edu/kaltura/page.php?id=78509

If you have any questions regarding this update – please contact UW-W Desire2Learn Support.

VBrick Rev Service Update (1/3)

On Wednesday, January 3, ICIT deployed the VBrick Rev 7.18 update to our environment. In this latest update, the following fixes and enhancements will be included:

  • (New) Email Notifications.  Rev will now send you an automatic email once a video has been processed and uploaded.  The email will contain the title of the video and a link to access it.  Remember to check the video access settings before distributing the link to others.
  • (New) Online Video Editing.  Rev now includes the ability to edit video clips you have uploaded.  The editor requires no browser plug-ins, Flash or Java to use in supported browsers.
    • It contains the ability to cut multiple segments from the front, middle or end of the video.
    • Video Chapters enable you to set and jump to specific locations.  Additionally, you may define chapters by name or by slide title with a PowerPoint upload.
  • (New) Embedded Playlists.  Playlists may now be embedded in a similar fashion to an individual video asset.
  • (New) Video Filter Enhancements.  A new video filter interface has been implemented that includes multiple attributes that you may now search on to filter video searches.
  • (New) Podcast Support.  VBrick Rev now features podcast support through .mp3 file uploads.
  • (New) Teams Update and Enhancements.  Rev now has a new way to create better content organization using Teams.  This feature will allow you to organize content by functional area giving users a simpler method to ensure videos are seen by the right users.
  • (New) Content Expiration Rules.  Expiration rules may now be set on different content types.
  • (New) Media Menu Update.  The Media menu has been enhanced and divided into two sub-menu drop-downs Videos and My Teams.  Each of these options provide quick access to several video and team features.
  • (Updates) Bulk Edit.  Bulk editing in Rev has been updated to add the ability to bulk edit Teams video access features and expiration dates and rules.
  • (Updates) .mts file support.  Files created in the .mts format can now be uploaded to Rev.
  • (Fixed) Default Search Criteria.  Corrected minor problem where the default search for a video was by Title and not by Relevance.
  • (Fixed) Tool Tip on Hover for List View and Grid Button.  Provided an improvement on the videos page when hovering on the view icons to show a tool tip as to which view – list view or grid view – is being displayed.

What’s VBrick Rev?
Rev is a Media Management System that we have available for use by all Instructors and Students at UW-Whitewater.  You can access Rev by going to: http://streaming.uww.edu

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Streaming.uww.edu (VBrick Rev) Scheduled Maintenance 1/3

On Wednesday, January 3rd between 5am and 8am VBrick Rev (http://streaming.uww.edu) will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance.  During this outage, we will be deploying the latest version of VBrick Rev.

Videos hosted on Rev will be unavailable during this outage.

If you have any questions or concerns about this outage, please contact the Learning Technology Center (ltc@uww.edu).

Streaming.uww.edu (VBrick Rev) Scheduled Maintenance 12/27

On Wednesday, December 27th between 5am and 8am VBrick Rev (http://streaming.uww.edu) will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance.  During this outage, we will be deploying the latest version of VBrick Rev.

Videos hosted on Rev will be unavailable during this outage.

If you have any questions or concerns about this outage, please contact the Learning Technology Center (ltc@uww.edu).

Canvas Course Design Feedback – Version 2

As part of the Canvas transition, there has been a UW-System team working on developing different course template options.  The team recently surveyed faculty, staff and students from all UW-System campuses for their feedback on Version 1 of the Canvas course template. This feedback informed the development of Version 2 of the Canvas course template. They would like your input on Version 2.

Step 1: Watch the 8 minute video below.  It provides background on the project and a demonstration of the Canvas environment and template.  There is also a handout for the version 2 template available at: http://bit.ly/uwtemplatev2guide

Step 2: Test out Version 2 of the template.  Use the following login information to try it out.  Note: this is a “Student” role account.

Login with your Net-ID to get the access credentials

Step 3: Complete the survey by Friday, January 5th, 2018.  The survey link is available inside of the Canvas course accessed above.  Please allow for 10 – 20 minutes to complete the survey.

If you have any questions please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

What is Canvas?

The UW-System Board of Regents has signed a contract with Instructure for their Canvas product.  Canvas will be replacing Desire2Learn as our next Learning Management System.  The earliest opportunity to migrate courses to Canvas is expected to be Fall 2018.  For more information about the overall project, go to http://go.uww.edu/canvas-transition

[RESOLVED] Lynda.com Currently Unavailable

Lynda.com-logoResolved 12/18 3:30pm:  Lynda.com services have been restored and are again working.  If you have issues access Lynda, please contact the UW-W Helpdesk.

Update 12/12 9:00AM:
Lynda.com for UW-Whitewater is still unavailable.  We have received word that the Lynda office is currently scheduled to re-open on December 18th.  Currently, that is the earliest estimate that we have for when access will be restored.

Update 12/11 8:00AM:
Due to the Thomas Fire evacuations in California, Lynda Engineering and Tier 2 support are severely limited.  They are currently working on bringing support back online as soon as possible.

Update 12/6 1:45PM:
Lynda.com remains unavailable.  Technicians are working to resolve the issue, but Lynda.com support is currently limited.  We have received the message below from the vendor:

Due to the devastating fires in California, which are nearby, our Lynda.com headquarters is closed. Some of our colleagues have had to also evacuate their homes, since yesterday. As a result, this is affecting key Support Services, like Tech Support and Customer Service. Teammates who did not have to evacuate are working remotely, so we have some support, but limited.

Original message:
Beginning on 12/1, UW-Whitewater users are currently unable to access and login to the Lynda.com portal.  Lynda.com support is working on resolving the issue.  As soon as we have additional information we’ll update it here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this outage, please contact the UW-W Helpdesk.

Exam Schedule and Checking Final Grades


The semester is already almost over and finals are creeping up. Classes officially end on December 12th. Exams begin December 13th and end on December 21st. Click the link below to review the final examination and policy schedule for the 2017 Fall term.

Final Examination and Policy Schedule

Fall term grades are due December 22nd and will be available to students by December 28thTo check your grades after they are finalized complete the following steps:

  • Login to WINS
  • Open the “Main Menu” dropdown and select “Student Center”
  • In the “Academics” section in the upper left select the drop down arrow and click “Grades”
  • Select “2017 Fall Terms” and “Continue”

Winterim classes begin on January 2nd and Spring classes begin on January 22nd. Have a great break and good luck on Finals!