Increased Security for Webex Recurring Meetings

Effective immediately, Webex Meetings, Events and Trainings will have a unique Host Key* generated for each occurrence of a recurring series. This means that if you previously made note of the Meeting Number and Host key for your recurring series, you will now need to check prior to each session for the new Host Key.

Why has this change been implemented? To prevent unauthorized use of the Host Key (or PIN), making your classes, meetings, and events even more secure.

What does this mean for you? It may not affect you at all, as most people do not need the Host Key to start and run Webex sessions. If you need to find your Host Key for a meeting, go to your account at or to Host Information in the Outlook appointment.

Who will be impacted? Anyone who uses a Cisco Webex Control Panel to start Webex sessions in HyFlex Video-enabled classrooms or Video-enabled conference rooms will need to note the new Host Key for every recurrence. Anyone who uses or shares the Host Key for Meetings, Events, or Trainings will want to make note of this change.

When does this take effect? Immediately. It applies to previously scheduled sessions, so any Webex session moving forward will have a new Host Key after the scheduled time ends.

Does this only affect recurring meetings? No, the Host Key for any Webex session will renew when a session ends after its scheduled time.

*A Host Key (PIN) is a six-digit code generated when a Webex session is scheduled. The Host Key may be used to reclaim the host role within a live session, or it can be used to start a meeting from a video system.

Enter your Webex Host Key (PIN) when starting a meeting from a Cisco Touch Panel in our HyFlex Video-Enabled classrooms and conference rooms.

UDOIT Course Accessibility Checker Available!

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the UDOIT tool inside of your Canvas courses! UDOIT (Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool) is a cloud based tool designed to identify accessibility concerns and provide improvement suggestions for your Canvas courses.

The tool can be accessed by clicking UDOIT Cloud on the course navigation menu inside of your Canvas course.

Additional details on how to utilize the tool are located at: Canvas (Accessibility) – Using the UDOIT Cloud Accessibility Tool.

We will also be offering 30 minute training courses which will demonstrate how to use the tool in your Canvas courses. Workshop information is listed below.

Creating Accessible Canvas Courses with UDOITThursday, October 15th
1:00pm – 1:30pm
Creating Accessible Canvas Courses with UDOITFriday, October 16th
11:00am – 11:30am
Creating Accessible Canvas Courses with UDOITMonday, October 19th
10:00am – 10:30am
Creating Accessible Canvas Courses with UDOITTuesday, October 20th
3:00pm – 3:30pm

If you have any questions about these sessions, please reach out to the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

Poll Everywhere Scheduled Maintenance: October 10th-11th

From Saturday, October 10 at 11:00 pm to Sunday, October 11 at 3:00 am, Poll Everywhere will undergo scheduled maintenance. During this time, you may experience service interruptions when accessing Poll Everywhere on the web or through their apps. In addition, you will also see a friendly reminder when using Poll Everywhere on the web as we get closer to the scheduled maintenance.

Logos | Poll Everywhere

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can see status updates at, including a final update when service is fully restored.

Thank you for using Poll Everywhere.

Webex Update (9/15/2020) – Breakout Sessions!

On Tuesday, September 15, Cisco will deploy additional updates to Webex Meetings. The highlights of these additional features are below. Full release notes are also available

Video Breakout Sessions in Webex Meetings
Breakout sessions allow you to place your meeting participants into smaller groups to collaborate and share ideas. Inside of the breakout session is like being in a smaller meeting, complete with audio and video where participants can collaborate and share content, or even ask the host for help from the main session. For more details, you can explore these capabilities in depth. UWW users may have up to 100 breakout sessions per meeting with a maximum of 1,000 meeting participants.

To sign up for a training session on Breakouts please see our calendar.

Be sure anyone participating in a Webex Meeting on a mobile phone or mobile device updates the app on their device. While they will be able to join the meeting, they will not be able to go into a breakout session until they update the app. UWW owned devices will automatically update, but student apps and devices may not.

View of Breakout session tool within Webex Meetings

In-Meeting Cohost Role
As a meeting host, you can now assign other meeting participants as cohosts. Cohosts share your host-level privileges like muting and unmuting other participants, moving participants to or admitting participants from the lobby, and more!

You can assign cohosts on the fly, directly in-meeting, by right-clicking the participant and changing their role to Cohost. You may have as many cohosts in a meeting as you wish.

The following features aren’t currently supported in a breakout session and will be addressed in a future release:

  • Raise hand, People Insights profile, and the notes taker role
  • Closed captioning
  • Recording breakout sessions
  • “Optimize for motion and video” content sharing
  • Sharing web browser or multimedia
  • Annotation and Whiteboard
  • Live streaming
  • Polling
  • Saving chat
  • Users who join from the Webex Meeting web app can’t share content

Grid Layout for Cloud Recordings
With the grid layout becoming the default experience in Webex Meetings, meeting recordings will default to the grid layout in this update for new and existing Webex hosts. This applies to both Webex Meetings and Webex Events. To return to previous settings or make changes to your recording preferences, sign in at, navigate to Preferences and then select the Recordings tab. Be sure to hit SAVE!

Recording settings in your preferences

Participant Content Sharing
Hosts can now allow the participants to share their screen during scheduled meetings or Personal Rooms meetings.

Additional attendee settings

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

Webex Update (9/8/2020)

On Tuesday, September 8, Cisco deployed the Webex Meetings 40.9 update. The highlights of this release are listed below. Full release notes are also available. Please note, some of the updates outlined in the full release notes are not yet available. We expect these to launch next Tuesday, September 15.

Optimized Audio and Video Preview
The larger, optimized Audio/Video Preview window makes it easier to look your best and find the settings you need before joining a meeting.

Webex preview window

Updated Controls in Meetings and Events
The look of the controls in Meetings and Events has changed to make them more intuitive and easier to use. Meeting controls are now clearly labeled and located at the bottom of your meeting window, which means you’ll always have them in sight, but without them covering up shared content or video.

Clear and easy-to-find meeting controls

Contextual Option Menus
Audio settings and camera settings can now be conveniently accessed in the menus at the right of their respective mute and camera buttons.

An easier way to adjust your setting

Consolidated Panel Controls
Panel controls (like Participants, Chat, and Q&A) can be found towards the right, where the panel opens.

Panel controls

Additional Virtual Background Improvements and Support
Cisco has added more virtual background images to choose from in your Meetings and Events. The virtual background feature is now supported on Macs with dual-core processors.

Virtual background preset images

Other Updates to Note:
-Users of Amazon Echo Show or Google Home Hub Smart Display devices will now be able to use Webex Meetings on these devices. Amazon Echo Show devices will be able to display meeting and recording lists, as well as play back recordings. Google Nest Hub devices will be able to display meeting and recording lists, play back recordings, and schedule meetings.
Facebook Portal users will now be able to leverage their Webex Meetings app directly from all Facebook Portal devices! The experience will match what currently exists in the Android app.
Cisco is officially retiring Support for Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 7. While users on these platforms won’t be prevented from joining or starting meetings, Cisco will no longer provide bug fixes or updates for this operating system and browser going forward.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

Canvas Embedded Video Issue

With the latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari, an issue can occur when videos from Rev ( are embedded inside of your Canvas course.

We are currently working on a solution. In the meantime, please use one of the following workarounds:

Workaround 1: Use a web browser other than Google Chrome or Safari to access the video in the Canvas course.

Workaround 2: Login to first, and then load the link in Canvas. This will allow the video to load as expected in Canvas. This does work in both Google Chrome and Safari.

Workaround 3: The issue is only impacting videos that are embedded in Canvas. As a workaround, you could change the embedded video to be a link instead. Instructions are available at:

If you have additional questions about this issue, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Tracking Student Progress in Alternate Formats (8/14/20)

As we near the beginning of the fall semester, you might be wondering how you can keep track of your students’ progress while also navigating the changing learning environment. Please consider joining the Learning Technology Center for a session on tracking student progress in alternate formats. The session description is below:

If you are new to teaching online, hybrid, remote, or any format other than face-to-face, you might be concerned about how you can tell whether your students understand the course material and how you can chart their progress. Join us for a discussion and demonstration on how you can keep track of your students’ progress when teaching in alternate delivery formats.

If you are interested, please register. You will need to login with your UWW credentials to register.

If you have any questions about this session, please contact us at

Webex Update (08/04/2020)

On Tuesday, August 4, Cisco deployed the Webex Meetings 40.8 update. The highlights of this release are listed below. Full release notes are also available.

  • Music Mode in Meetings and Events. Music mode optimizes the audio processing of the selected microphone source for music. This allows a richer audio experience when transmitting music with the main video benefiting virtual concerts and music lessons. When this mode is disabled, the application will optimize the audio processing for speech. The Music mode icon appears near the top right corner of the client when active.
  • Spacebar Push to Talk. When muted, you can now hold the spacebar down to momentarily unmute. Simply press and hold the spacebar when you want to talk. You’ll see an indicator that you are temporarily unmuted. Release the spacebar to go back on to mute.
  • Video Layout Enhancements for the Desktop App. The “Grid View” is now the default when on content is being shared. Your self-view is now shown as part of the other participant videos for a more natural experience. You can still float your self-view if preferred.
  • Virtual Backgrounds. On Windows and Mac, users can now select a virtual background. For best results, use images that are 1280 x 720 or larger.
  • Meeting Audio / Video Improvements. The Speaker, Microphone and Camera settings dialog has been improved to easily allow testing of selected device.
  • Host Key Removed from Emails. For improved security, the host key will be removed from scheduler emails. The host key will be changed to a link accessible to the configured hosts of the meeting.
  • VDI Enhancements. Webex now supports dual monitor setup for Windows virtual desktops. Enhancements were also made to deliver the most optimized experience to users of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) client.
  • Webex Meetings for Android Updates.
    • Added Virtual and Blur Background Support
    • Hosts can now start live streaming
    • Host Mute/Un-Mute Control Improvements

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

LTC Recording Studio Available!

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) recording studio is now available at a reduced capacity for scheduling between 9am and noon on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Schedule your recording using our online form: LTC Studio Scheduling. Please allow at least 1 week for video post production and processing.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

  • The Media Studio setup has been adjusted.  The equipment operator will be outside of the studio room – to allow for proper physical distancing. You will be the only person in the room during the recording.
  • All surfaces in the Media Studio will be sanitized before and after recording appointments.
  • Microphones will be sanitized before and after each use.
  • The studio is currently only open on Monday and Wednesday morning allowing time for the room to air out after scheduled sessions.

Please note that the following are required:

At this time outside building doors are locked.  Please come to McGraw Door #5 and call the LTC (262.472.1004) and someone will come down and let you in for the recording.

If you have any questions or concerns about your recording session please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Canvas Workshops – July and August 2020

During the Summer of 2020, the Learning Technology Center (LTC) will be offering opportunities to learn the Canvas basics, make simple changes to your courses to improve the student experience, and to dig deeper into Canvas features.  For self guided assistance, please view the Canvas Service Page.

Canvas Basics 
Whether you are brand new to Canvas, or just want to brush up on the basics, this training will put you on the right path. We will focus on

  • Creating a new Module
  • Adding files to Modules
  • Adding Assignments to Modules
  • Setting up your gradebook

What Students Want in Canvas 
There are many good ways to set up a course. This training will focus on making a series of small, easy, and optional, shifts from your current course design to a setup backed by feedback from student panels conducted right here at UW-Whitewater. We will focus on

  • Matching your Assignments and Grades area to your course syllabus
  • Reorganizing Modules to a chronological layout
  • Getting assignments and tasks populated to student calendars
  • Utilizing the description area of Quizzes and Assignments

The goal is not to change how you teach, just how students view the course.

Canvas BasicsThursday, July 16th
2:00pm – 3:00pm
What Students Want In CanvasThursday, July 23rd
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Canvas BasicsTuesday, August 11th
1:00pm – 2:00pm
What Students Want In CanvasThursday, August 13th
3:00pm – 4:00pm

Canvas Deep Dives (1 Hour)
We will focus on a single tool, and dive deep into various options and use cases for how that tool works.

  • Quizzes: This will touch on different question types, building in targeted feedback in auto-graded quizzes, and most likely spend the bulk of the time in the Question Bank area to help instructors get a feel for Canvas Question Bank.
  • Assignments: We will focus on tasks such as creating a place for students to digitally turn in work, and setting up your gradebook.
  • Discussions: We will look at setup (including threaded vs unthreaded), visibility, the lack of a “Forum” in Canvas (compared to how D2L had it), group setup, and grading.
  • Webex Tools: Webex is usable through Canvas, but does take some initial setup there.  If you are interested in using Webex for your classes, this is the workshop for you.
QuizzesTuesday, July 28th
10:00am – 11:00am
AssignmentsThursday, July 30th
2:00pm – 3:00pm
DiscussionsTuesday, August 4th
11:00am – Noon
Webex ToolsThursday, August 6th
3:00pm – 4:00pm

If you have any questions about these sessions, please reach out to the UW-W Learning Technology Center.