Call for Proposals: LTDC Virtual Conference

2017showcasecallproposals-1024x683The UW System Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC) Showcase 2017 will be held virtually April 4-5, 2017. Faculty, teaching staff and learning technology support staff – please join us and submit a proposal to present or facilitate by December 9, 2016! Proposals may be submitted at the following website:  Virtual Showcase 2017

Our theme is Humanizing Learning, but feel free to submit any relevant topic that you feel strongly about. The idea behind the theme is that while we work with more technology than ever, the human touch is still a vital quality in regards to learning.

This virtual conference offers an opportunity for sharing your successes and challenges in teaching with technology. This conference will provide you with the opportunity to virtually connect with other practitioners and requires neither travel expense nor a significant time commitment.

All presentations will be conducted virtually with technology training and orientation available prior to the conference. The presentations will be approximately 30 minutes in length with 15 min Q&A following. Proposals are sought in the following six general categories:

  1. Innovative Approaches (Hot Topics) – Tell us about how you’re working and teaching. Are mobile applications a part of your learning and knowledge portfolio? How have you taken traditional teaching and enhanced it through an innovative approach? Can you share a successful case study?
  2. Engagement of Students – How are your students connecting with each other and you? What works now or what do you expect might be a future method of engaging students? Can you share a successful case study?
  3. Faculty Development – How are you supporting your faculty? Are you facilitating learning communities? How are you engaging faculty to try new approaches to teaching and learning? Do you have a successful case study to share?
  4. “How To” and Resources – Do you have a skill to share? Have you created a wonderful set of resources for faculty and students? We’re interested in successful case studies; what can you share?
  5. Best Practices – Are you using a particular learning technology (or set of technologies) and know through evaluation that it definitively engages students and promotes learning?
  6. Emerging Topics – Do you have a proposal that doesn’t quite fit into the other topics?

We look forward to learning more about your teaching and learning experiences!  If you have any questions contact the Learning Technology Center.

Desire2Learn Scheduled Maintenance – January 5th, 2017

Winterim Instructors: On Thursday, January 5th, 2017 there will be two brief ~15 to 30 minute outages that will impact Desire2Learn.  The exact time has not been confirmed, but they should be happening in the morning before 11am.  As soon as the times are confirmed, we will update our communications.  During these brief outages, Desire2Learn will be unavailable.

As you are working on and preparing your winterim courses, please adjust your course assignments and due dates accordingly.

If you have any questions about this outage, please contact UW-W Desire2Learn Support.

Community of Practice for Online/Blended Education

DSC_3940All University of Wisconsin-Whitewater faculty and staff are invited to participate in a campus-wide community of practice for online and blended education.

The Community of Practice for Online and Blended Education began in the spring of 2015, thanks to a grant from OPID.  Its purpose is to serve as a campus-wide forum to develop, share, and document best practices in teaching online and blended (hybrid) courses at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  In addition, it provides a support network for those teaching with technology.

The purpose of our meetings is to build community and meet others who are excited about teaching in the online and/or blended format.

Next Meeting:

Thursday December 1, 2016
2:00-3:30 pm, UC259a

In this session, the recipients of the Community of Practice project grant will share the results of their projects.  Two projects were funded:  the development of an accessibility template for the ECE4U program, and the creation of assessment videos.

If you have questions about this please contact the Learning Technology Center at or 262.472.1004.

VBrick Rev Service Update (11/25)

On Friday, November 25, ICIT will be deploying the VBrick Rev 7.12 update to our environment between 7am and 2pm.  During this time, the Rev system ( will not be available. With no classes scheduled, Friday was chosen as the optimal window to minimize disruption to the campus

In this latest update, the following fixes and enhancements will be included:

  • (New) Bulk Video Editing and Deleting.  Users can now bulk edit video access settings, video status, video categories, video tags and video settings.  Users can also bulk delete videos.
  • (New) Ability to set content Publish Date.  Inactive videos can now have a “Publish Date” configured.  The video will be automatically set to “Active” on the selected date.
  • (New) Ability to set content Expiration Date.  Active videos can now have a “Expiration Date” configure.  The video can either be set to inactive or deleted upon expiration.
  • (New) Ability to replace a video file.  This allows the file to be updated without needing to replace links or update embed code.  This can be done by any user that has “Edit” access to the video.
  • (New) Playlists can now be shared with users.  Previously, playlists were only visible by the user who created them.
  • (New) Responsive Embed Code.  There is a new “Responsive” option when generating the video embed code.  Using this option is recommended and will allow the video to automatically scale for the best possible user experience.
  • (New) Variable Speed Playback.  Users can now play videos at 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x and 2.0x speeds.  This feature is only supported in the HTML5 player and may not currently work in all browsers.
  • (Update) Redesigned Usage Reports.  Video reports on the video play form have been redesigned.
  • (Fixed) Audio/Video sync issue has been corrected on some videos when using Chrome or Firefox on PC or Mac.
  • (Fixed) An issue impacting multicast video playback using the Edge browser on Windows 10 has been corrected.
  • (Fixed) Corrected an issues where embedded videos were not playing in Safari & Internet Explorer 9/10 browser when set to All Users or Private access.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Unique Challenges of Active Learning: Active Learning in the Online/Blended Environment

activeThursday, November 17, 2016

11-12pm, UC 262

Lunch included, please register by November 15, 2016

The final session of the active learning series will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of the online/blended modalities. This session will focus on teaching strategies and tools, including options for collaborative work, discussions, blogs, wikis, clickers, and synchronous meetings. We will also have the opportunity for hands-on practice with the tools discussed.

Please register by November 15:  Register Here

Upcoming Turnitin Maintenance – November 5th, 8am to 1pm

turnitin_logoOn Saturday, November 5th between 8:00AM and 1:00PM and Turnitin integration with Desire2Learn will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance.  This maintenance will be performed on internal network hardware at Turnitin to increase capacity and ensure continue dependable service.

Instructors are encouraged to modify assignment due dates either before or at least several hours after the scheduled maintenance window.

If you have any questions or concerns about this outage, please contact UW-W Desire2Learn Support.

Incorporating Active Learning Strategies into your Teaching: Evidence-Based Practices, Case Studies, and Stories from the Field

activeWednesday, October 19, 2016

12:30-2:00 pm, UC 259

Lunch Included

This session is intended to showcase examples from the UW-Campus with a special panel presentation made of experienced UW-Whitewater instructors. Our panel members include Kris Curran (Biological Sciences), Sara Deschner (IT and Supply Chain Management), Teri Frame (Art and Design) and Anne Tillett (Continuing Education). Following the presentation, attendees will be able to discuss active learning strategies with their colleagues and resources will be distributed to help instructors implement active learning within their own courses.

Please register:  Link to Registration

If you have questions regarding this, feel free to contact us:


Learning Environment Requirements Gathering – Your Opinion Counts!

uws-logo-whiteOur contract with Desire2Learn (D2L) for their Brightspace learning management system (LMS) is currently set to expire June 30, 2018. The UW System is preparing for a Request for Proposal (RFP) and would like to gather your perspective of what is needed in a learning management system. The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes and will allow you to share your perspective regarding what is needed, as well as be a voice for our university. Your responses will be anonymous and need to be completed by October 14, 2016 at 5:00pm.

To take the survey, please click on the following link:

If you would like to learn more about the Learning Environment Requirements Gathering Project, please visit the following website:

Thank you for your participation!

Turnitin Date Management within D2L

tii-logoSome users may be receiving a message reading “Error communicating with Turnitin.  Try to resubmit the file.  If this issue persists, contact your administrator”.  If you are seeing this error message, please make sure that you have both a start date AND end date set on your Dropbox in Desire2Learn.  Once you have set the start and end date, the issue should be resolved and you can resubmit the file.

Warning – Technical explanation below:

With the new Turnitin integration, the way default dates work has been slightly changed.  There are actually two separate date settings in play.  First, there are the settings that you can create on the Dropbox – start date, end date and due date.  Second, there are dates behind the scenes with Turnitin that are calculated based on the settings you choose for the Dropbox.

We have recently discovered that if you create a Dropbox that does not have any start date or end date, the end date that is configured with Turnitin is set to 8 days from the current date.  What this means, is that even though the Dropbox is always open, papers will not submit to Turnitin after that 8 day period, and will cause an error to display inside of Desire2Learn when you are trying to review the papers.

Luckily, in order to fix this issue, you simply need to set a start date and end date on the Dropbox.  Once these are set, the dates will be updated in Turnitin also which will allow you to resubmit the files.  Desire2Learn is working on adjusting this logic for a future release.  In the mean time, we highly suggest that you create both a start date and end date when creating a Dropbox that user Turnitin to avoid this problem.

D2L TurnItIn
Start Date Set? End Date Set? Start Date value End Date value
No No Current Date 1 week + 24 hours
Yes No D2L Start Date 2 weeks from start date + 24 hours
No Yes Current Date D2L End Date + 24 hours
Yes Yes D2L Start Date D2L End Date + 24 hours

Table Source:

If you have any questions regrading this, please contact UW-W Desire2Learn Support.