Canvas Embedded Video Issue

With the latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari, an issue can occur when videos from Rev ( are embedded inside of your Canvas course.

We are currently working on a solution. In the meantime, please use one of the following workarounds:

Workaround 1: Use a web browser other than Google Chrome or Safari to access the video in the Canvas course.

Workaround 2: Login to first, and then load the link in Canvas. This will allow the video to load as expected in Canvas. This does work in both Google Chrome and Safari.

Workaround 3: The issue is only impacting videos that are embedded in Canvas. As a workaround, you could change the embedded video to be a link instead. Instructions are available at:

If you have additional questions about this issue, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

HyFlex Training Opportunities

We have scheduled the following HyFlex Training Opportunities. These courses are designed for the instructors who are teaching in the video enabled HyFlex Classrooms listed below. If you are not teaching on those rooms and have questions on classroom technology please attended one of our General Classroom Technology Training Sessions.

Video Enabled HyFlex Rooms
Heide: HE112, HE113, HE216, HE309
Hyer: HY213, HY215
Hyland: HH1300, HH1311, HH2300, HH2305, HH2307, HH2311, HH2319
McGraw: MG115, MG117
Rock Campus: AH106, HS06, HS23, WM130
Roseman: RS1040
Upham: UH140, UH141
Williams Center: WC183A, WC183C
Winther: WH2005, WH2008, WH2014, WH2015, WH2016, WH3002, WH3006, WH3013

We created a 5 minute video that will give you a quick example of what the HyFlex perspective will be from all audiences: in-person students, remote students, instructor, and the recorded presentation for later viewing.

HyFlex Technology Training Overview – (60 Minutes Virtual)

Prerequisite: None

This workshop will go over how to use the technology in the video enabled rooms on campus. This session will provide a first person view of how the equipment will work, what buttons to push on the touch panel, and how to connect up your laptop and microphone.

HyFlex Technology Training Hands-On – (60 Minutes In-Person)

Prerequisite: HyFlex Technology Training Overview

This session has no formal agenda and will allow attendees a hands-on opportunity to try out the equipment in a video enabled room. ICIT staff will be on hand during the training session to answer questions and demonstrate as needed. Sessions are limited to a max of 6 people each.

Getting Started with Teaching in a “HyFlex” Style(45 Minutes Virtual)

Prerequisite: None

In this session we will consider different teaching and learning approaches consistent with the HyFlex framework. Please note that this session focuses on teaching practices that could be used in a HyFlex or video-enhanced classroom, as well as potentially in “Hybrid” or “Remote” courses. This session is not a classroom technology training session, which is available separately.

If you have any questions about these trainings, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Webex Update (08/04/2020)

On Tuesday, August 4, Cisco deployed the Webex Meetings 40.8 update. The highlights of this release are listed below. Full release notes are also available.

  • Music Mode in Meetings and Events. Music mode optimizes the audio processing of the selected microphone source for music. This allows a richer audio experience when transmitting music with the main video benefiting virtual concerts and music lessons. When this mode is disabled, the application will optimize the audio processing for speech. The Music mode icon appears near the top right corner of the client when active.
  • Spacebar Push to Talk. When muted, you can now hold the spacebar down to momentarily unmute. Simply press and hold the spacebar when you want to talk. You’ll see an indicator that you are temporarily unmuted. Release the spacebar to go back on to mute.
  • Video Layout Enhancements for the Desktop App. The “Grid View” is now the default when on content is being shared. Your self-view is now shown as part of the other participant videos for a more natural experience. You can still float your self-view if preferred.
  • Virtual Backgrounds. On Windows and Mac, users can now select a virtual background. For best results, use images that are 1280 x 720 or larger.
  • Meeting Audio / Video Improvements. The Speaker, Microphone and Camera settings dialog has been improved to easily allow testing of selected device.
  • Host Key Removed from Emails. For improved security, the host key will be removed from scheduler emails. The host key will be changed to a link accessible to the configured hosts of the meeting.
  • VDI Enhancements. Webex now supports dual monitor setup for Windows virtual desktops. Enhancements were also made to deliver the most optimized experience to users of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) client.
  • Webex Meetings for Android Updates.
    • Added Virtual and Blur Background Support
    • Hosts can now start live streaming
    • Host Mute/Un-Mute Control Improvements

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact the UW-W Learning Technology Center.

Using Breakout Rooms in your Course

As we prepare for the Fall 2020 Semester, the one question that many of you are asking is “How can I use breakout rooms with my course?”  We’ll be the first ones to tell you that while Webex is a great tool, currently it does not have a smooth breakout room experience.

The good news is that Webex will be adding breakout rooms as an option into Webex Meetings in Late Summer / Early Fall.  We don’t have any additional details on this right now – but hang tight – they are coming!

What can you do right now for breakout rooms?

There are 3 recommendations available today for breakout rooms:

  1. Webex Meetings can already be used to help facilitate breakouts.  While you can’t currently do it automatically, the instructor could create scheduled meetings in advance that could act as breakout rooms.  From there, the link to join the meeting could be shared with the group.  The group would then rejoin the main meeting link after the breakout.  With this method, the instructor is able to join into the breakout meeting groups as needed. The breakouts can easily be joined by the click of a link. Using Webex Meetings for Breakout Rooms
  2. Webex Teams works great as a breakout option if you are already using it on your course.  You can create a “Team” for the course, and then inside of that team you can have several “spaces” that can be used for the group projects.  The students can easily Meet via Video / Audio at the click of a button.  Webex Teams does require the students to download an application on their computer or mobile device for the best user experience. Using Webex Teams for Breakout Rooms
  3. Webex Training Center is the current solution from Webex for breakout rooms.  With Webex Training Center, you can easily assign users into breakout rooms.  However – the limitation is that the breakout rooms only have audio, and the interface has not been updated lately.  Students on Chromebooks may also run into issues. Webex is working on moving these breakout room features into Webex Meetings, which is scheduled to be available late summer / early fall. Find out more about how Webex Training works or view a recording of Cisco’s classes on this technology solution.

How can I use breakout rooms with my HyFlex course?

HyFlex is a term that describes a wide range of instructional formats, but in general suggests that the course is taught in ways that allow the student to choose the particular format of their instruction. As an example, a class might allow for students to attend in person, remotely, or to watch a recording after class.  So you may be wondering – how can I run a breakout room with both in person and remote students?  

Our recommendation would be to have in person breakout rooms for the in person students, and remote breakout rooms for the remote students.

Running the breakouts in this fashion will have the least amount of potential technical issues.  For example – while it would be possible to mix in person students with remote students for the breakouts, this would require all of the students to bring a laptop or mobile device.  These devices would also need to have a headset and microphone to not pick up too much background noise and crosstalk. In addition, having enough physical space in the room for the students to be able to talk with their remote group without interrupting the others who are physically in the room is critical.

Why doesn’t the University license Zoom? 

As the UW-W community continues to work and teach remotely, many employees are taking advantage of virtual spaces and web-conferencing tools.  Thanks to a strong and long-standing contract with Cisco, UW-W can offer the faculty, staff, and students a secure communication platform that enhances user privacy and safety through the institutional license.

Additional information on Why Webex is also available at:

If you have questions on using breakout rooms inside of your course, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

LTC Recording Studio Available!

The Learning Technology Center (LTC) recording studio is now available at a reduced capacity for scheduling between 9am and noon on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Schedule your recording using our online form: LTC Studio Scheduling. Please allow at least 1 week for video post production and processing.

What are we doing to keep you safe?

  • The Media Studio setup has been adjusted.  The equipment operator will be outside of the studio room – to allow for proper physical distancing. You will be the only person in the room during the recording.
  • All surfaces in the Media Studio will be sanitized before and after recording appointments.
  • Microphones will be sanitized before and after each use.
  • The studio is currently only open on Monday and Wednesday morning allowing time for the room to air out after scheduled sessions.

Please note that the following are required:

At this time outside building doors are locked.  Please come to McGraw Door #5 and call the LTC (262.472.1004) and someone will come down and let you in for the recording.

If you have any questions or concerns about your recording session please contact the Learning Technology Center.

2020 Cisco/Presidio Teaching with Technology Honorarium Recipient: Dr. Eric Loepp

The UW-Whitewater Learning Technology Center is proud to award the inaugural Cisco/Presidio Teaching the Technology Honorarium to Dr. Eric Loepp, Assistant Professor in the Political Science department. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Loepp on this honor!

The Cisco/Presidio Teaching with Technology Innovator Honorarium is a recognition bestowed upon an instructor who displays an outstanding commitment to leveraging learning technologies to solve common teaching challenges related to creating rich learning experiences to increase student success.

Dr. Loepp joined the Political Science department in 2015; additionally, he has actively been involved in campus learning technology initiatives (e.g., Active Learning Academy), participated in multiple learning technology pilots (e.g., Webex Teams, PollEverywhere), and co-facilitates the Institute for Online and Blended Teaching at UW-W. Dr. Loepp’s teaching philosophy “emphasizes the development of students as analytical critics of and participants in the American political system. This approach relies on a tripartite teaching model: students in my classes develop (1) technical proficiency in the material (2) an appreciation of political processes and how political systems work; and (3) a basic understanding of the rights and responsibilities of democratic citizenship.”

Dr. Loepp incorporates technology into his teaching philosophy because of the deep learning benefits he observes students experience from these enhancements, “A natural outgrowth of improved collaboration and communication is the breakdown of traditional notions of learning as an exclusively individualistic enterprise. Indeed, the capacity for Webex Teams to turn groups of students into communities of learners is one of its most powerful contributions to my classroom.” Additionally, Dr. Loepp found a profound, positive correlation between the integration of technology and attitudinal perspectives towards communication, collaboration, and group work. Dr. Loepp’s dedication to integrating technology, in parallel with his teaching philosophy, garnered student support for more widespread use of campus-supported technologies in the classroom and enhanced his face-to-face teaching.

“A natural outgrowth of improved collaboration and communication is the breakdown of traditional notions of learning as an exclusively individualistic enterprise. Indeed, the capacity for Webex Teams to turn groups of students into communities of learners is one of its most powerful contributions to my classroom.”

Dr. Eric Loepp

This award is sponsored by Presidio and Cisco Systems in conjunction with UWW’s Division of Instructional, Communication, and Information Technology (ICIT) and ICIT’s Learning Technology Center (LTC). Presidio and Cisco are proud of their work with institutions of higher education to inspire learning and connect campuses to enhance student outcomes. ICIT and the LTC are dedicated to working with instructors to understand teaching challenges, explore solutions, implement strategies, and evaluate their effectiveness.

Congratulations Dr. Loepp! 

Desire2Learn – 1 Month Left!

The retirement of Desire2Learn is fast approaching! All information you would like to keep must be exported out of D2L before June 1st, 2020. Whether it’s an old for-credit based course, or an ongoing course – make sure all material is backed up. Once our access is removed, we will not have any way to obtain this data.

For more information check out the Desire2Learn Retirement Planning post.

Please contact UW-W Desire2Learn Support with any questions around the retirement of the service.

Canceled – 2020 Celebrating Teaching and Learning Conference

We regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the 2020 Celebrating Teaching and Learning Conference due to the many “new normals” resulting from COVID-19.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted a proposal, and we will be working with presenters on how we can capture and share the great work that everyone is doing at UW-Whitewater!

We are planning to hold this conference again in the future – so be sure to watch for news and announcements next year! Thanks for your understanding!

If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

[RESOLVED] Issues with Webex Meetings / Teams in Canvas

RESOLVED: 12:45 PM (4/15).  The issue should now be resolved for all courses.  If you are still noticing this issue in your course, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Update 12:10 PM (4/15).  The issue has been resolved for the majority of courses.  There are still some outstanding issues impacting certain courses that the vendor is investigating.  If you are still noticing this issue in your course, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

We are investigating an issue that appears to be impacting the view of currently scheduled Webex Meetings, Classroom Collaborations and Office Hours inside of Canvas. We will provide additional details as they are made available.

Instructors who had previous meetings scheduled should follow these steps:

  1. Login to with your Net-Id and Password.
  2. Click on Meetings from the navigation menu.
  3. Locate the Meeting and click on the Meeting Name.
  4. Copy the Meeting Link and send that to your students as an Email or Canvas Announcement.
  5. The students can then use the meeting link to join the meeting.

Students unable to join a class meeting should contact their instructors for the meeting link.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Learning Technology Center Virtual Operations

With recent announcements encouraging remote work and reduced building access, the Learning Technology Center (LTC) will be shifting operations to be fully virtual beginning the week of March 23. 

How Do I Get Help?

We will continue to be available to answer your questions and provide consultations regarding your transition to alternative delivery and technology tools that can support the things you do.  

LTC staff will be available via phone (262-472-1004), email (, and Webex Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. To request a Webex consultation, all instructors need to do is email or call and the next available team member will email them a direct link that they can click on to receive assistance. We have been doing a lot of those this week and this process has been working well! Please note that we are seeing an increased volume of inquiries at this time and our staff is working hard to answer inquiries in a timely manner. While it may be much sooner than this, every effort will be made to answer your message within 1 business day of receipt.   

Also, don’t forget that Canvas provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by phone, chat, or email!  

What About Trainings? 

We will also continue offering virtual training on key tools to support your remote teaching and work. Please visit for the most up-to-date list of training sessions!

What Isn’t Available?

Due to the shift to virtual operations, we will be closing the media studio until further notice. In its place, we urge instructors to use home recording options and techniques that are featured on the ICIT Remote Teaching Website. Not sure how to record at home? Contact us for help! 

As the Media Lab (Andersen L1008C) has closed and with an increased number of items being checked out, A/V Checkouts will be facilitated differently. If you are in need of a webcam or microphone to create your course material, a limited number are available for checkout by contacting the ICIT Helpdesk