Request for Instructor Participation–Study Pattern Emerging Technology Exploration Project

Interested in understanding how student behaviors impact their success in your course? If so, our spring emerging technology exploration project might be for you!

1-pattern-screensThe UW-Whitewater Learning Technology Center (LTC) is proud to announce support for 10 instructors interested in integrating the Study Pattern tool into their spring courses. Study Pattern is an exciting tool that has the potential to empower students in their learning and enable instructors with the information they need to make decisions regarding their course in way that is easy to use and digest.

Empowering Students
Pattern gives students a space to track their study and learning activities, as well as rate their duration and productivity. Inputting this information creates personalized visualizations of their data and allows them to compare habits with their peers in the same course, empowering them to reflect on the time they are spending on the different learning activities and when they are most productive to ensure they are on the most successful path.

Enabling Instructors
At a glance instructors are able to see aggregated student data for their course (e.g., productivity by day of the week or hour of the day, productivity by activity, number of hours spent on course activities, etc.) through their dashboard, enabling them to make data-driven decisions about course activities and design.

Easy to Access, Use, and Digest
This tool is easily accessed by students and instructors as it is available through a mobile app (both iOS and Android) and/or web interface. Students can easily use the tool to input their activities and instructors and students alike can quickly view their dashboards to gain valuable insights about learning activities and success.

About the Exploration Project
UWW has been allotted 300 licenses from the UW System’s learning analytic tool chest pilot for this specific exploration project. The UW-Whitewater Learning Technology Center has funding to support 10 instructors in their exploration of Pattern. Upon satisfactory completion of the project, instructors will receive $1000 for their participation. Satisfactory completion includes:

  • Participating in educational offerings on Study Pattern to get better acquainted to using the tool;
  • Incorporating Study Pattern into at least one of their Spring 2017 courses by requiring student use of the tool and student sharing of their information;
  • Partnering with the LTC to assist and support student use of Study Pattern;
  • Participating in periodic focus groups, interview sessions, and/or surveys facilitated by the LTC and the UW System that that gathers instructor perceptions of the tool in regards to ease of use, usefulness, impact, and satisfaction;
  • Having students complete an online survey near the end of the semester that gathers their perceptions of the tool in regards to ease of use, usefulness, impact, and satisfaction.
  • Providing information on their experience implementing Study Pattern through personal testimonial, video interview, and/or speaking at LTC event.

How Do I Get Involved?
To express interest in participating in this emerging technology exploration project, please complete the following Qualtrics submission form by Sunday, October 30:

If you have any questions about this project, please contact the

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