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Chronic Pain

  This meme features a classic, the Pi joke. In this situation, a doctor is asking a patient his pain level. He responds with Pi. Why, might you ask? Because he has chronic pain that is low level and never… Continue Reading →

Florida Man!

    For the most part, everyone should remember the incident of the zombie man in Florida that surfaced around 2010. It ended up just being some guy that was rabid on bath salts. Florida has gained a reputation as… Continue Reading →

We All Just want Garlic Bread

  This meme does the classic 4 panel before and after drug examples. It gives three of the most commonly abused drugs: Alcohol, Cocaine, and Crack. Then, they go on to use garlic bread as the last example. The image… Continue Reading →

Lloyd Says There’s a Chance!

This meme is a flow of creativity. It starts out with a pie chart, hosting a fairly common scenario. It entertains the theory that men have quite often when being helped by a female retailer, server, etc. It states “Reasons… Continue Reading →


This meme is an exploration of a term, created and refined by the internet. That term is ‘Oof!”. Its origin is within Minecraft, a game where you build in a virtual world. Oof is the noise your character makes when… Continue Reading →

Uncle Ben!

This meme features a popular Superhero series from my childhood. Spiderman, otherwise known as Peter Parker was looked after by his guardian, Uncle Ben. They were very close, and he died very dramatically and tragically. It is a running joke… Continue Reading →

Have Some Shots!

This meme is built on the framework of a newer, but becoming more and more common phenomenon of anti-vaccination. The above text describes the difference of what two decades does to the phrase “Teens sneaking out to get shots”. Below… Continue Reading →

A Gorillas Full Potential

This meme first features a text that explains how we have never seen a gorilla its full strength because they do not have access to gyms, equipment, etc. They are huge creatures, and if one of them trained with a… Continue Reading →

PETA Got Wrecked Last Week.

PETA, or the people for the ethical treatment of animals, recently issued a social media post that described conservationist and world icon Steve Irwin as abusive to animals. They went to the extent of saying he was harassing the sting… Continue Reading →

Chrome Destroys RAM

This meme is definitely up to par. It is a post from r/memes. The first part of the meme to examine is its pop culture references. Google Chrome has been known to techies as the program that uses an absolutely… Continue Reading →

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