American Experience

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I used to dream about an American life.

Now I am living in the United States.

I used to eat French bread for breakfast.

Now I eat waffles.

I used to wear summer clothes,

Now I need a heavy coat.

I used wake up and go to work.

Now I can just study.

I used to see my family and friends personally.

Now I talk through them by Skype.

I used to not understand English speakers.

Now I can have good conversations with them.

I used to have some plans

Now I have bigger ones.

My poem

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A Leg Up
I used to hardly write in English
But now it is becoming easier
I used to make mistakes in my grammar in English
But now it is improved much more
I used to get ideas with difficulty
But now it is getting better.

Life’s Journey

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It is funny to think about how the time flies.
I used to imagine a future.
Now I am walking through it.
I used to dream about living in the other country.
Now I am into it.
I used to think that the world was small.
Now I know that it can be as big as I want.

My Poem

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I used to be shy to speak English,

but now I feel confident.

I used to use Cantonese to talk with my old friends,

but now I can use English.

I used to stay with my family,

but now I can be independent.

I used to live in a place that has many tall building,

but now I live in a place with no tall building.

I used to live in a warm city,

but now I live in a frozen world.

I used to have my own bedroom,

but now I am living with an american roommate.

How We Have Grown in English

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Everyone has improved in their ability to express themselves in English! Please post your poem about yourself. Include a picture if you have one.

My story

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A deceptive situation
Once upon a time, a man who was a hunter was living with his mom in the same house. He had six dogs for his hunting in the wild. One day he went to the wild to hunt and suddenly a wonderful woman appeared in front of him. He became acquainted to know the stranger and luckily he brought her to his house and presented her to his mom. She was so happy about her son. Day after day, his spouse required her husband that she wanted to eat some, but meat of dog. The hunter started killing his dogs one by one until he finished all of his dogs. However, his mom was conserving the dogs’ bones because she expected that something would happen to her son. One day the wonderful woman decided to go with her husband to the wild to hunt. Suddenly, she turned into a chimpanzee and started screaming by calling others chimpanzee living in this wild. She said listen guys: this is the man who has been killing some of us. So today I did my best to bring him here, and we can destroy him. The hunter was confused and yelling for any rescue. He was fighting with these animals until his mom heard him screaming. She took out all the bones of the dogs and sprinkled some water on its. Fortunately she succeeded to resuscitate all of the killed dogs and sent them to the wild to save their owner. They went to fight and chase all the chimpanzee and brought him home.
The moral of this story is when you abuse of something , you must be careful and stay away from someone who eats only one thing like this woman.

The Capybara Legend

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Once upon a time, there used to be a hunter who often went into the forest to hunt some animals to eat. However, on an unusual day he went into the forest and saw an animal which looked like a capybara imprisoned in a cage and decided to release it and give it a chance for the poor animal to live. Suddenly, the animal became a beautiful woman and as reward, she gave him a big and beautiful house and offered herself to marry him. But there was a condition. He never could call her capybara, or she would become the animal again and everything that she gave him would disappear. Then he promised, he swore and he gave his word that he never would do this. So, the years started to pass until one a day when the woman was so busy cleaning, cooking and taking care of everything that she could not do what her husband asked right away. He asked her to bring one more cup of wine, and she told him to wait a second because she was really busy, but he did not listen, and he said her to be fast and then he called her CAPYBARA. Immediately, she threw the dishes that she was holding and turned into a capybara again. Everything disappeared so fast that he could not even believe it. Sadly, he stayed alone and for breaking his word, he nevermore saw her again.

Moral: Don’t break a promise, or suffer the consequences.

The Scorpion and the Frog

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Once upon a time in a quiet and peaceful forest, there lived lots of animals. One day, for some reason, the forest was burning and all the animals were trying to save themselves. But just a big frog was calm because he was in the water. Between the fire and the lake, there was a scorpion that could not swim to cross the river. Then, the scorpions asked for the frog to help him. The frog immediately said no because the scorpion was a dangerous animal, and it could kill him. But the scorpion tried again, and he said that it would be impossible because if he killed the frog, he would die also. The frog thought a little and agreed to give a ride to that little but dangerous animal. And when they were in the middle of the lake, the frog felt the scorpion stinging his back. So, in the last seconds of his life, the frog asked the scorpion: “Why did you do that? Now both of us are going to die.” And the scorpion answered, “I am a scorpion. It is in my nature.”

In conclusion, the moral of the fable is that some people never really change their behavior definitely, even if they say the opposite, the consequences do not matter.

Stories with Morals

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In English 061, we have been discussing idioms and expressions, which led us to examine folk tales. What are popular folk  tales that are told where you are from? What lesson, or moral, should the audience learn from this story?

Post your story.

Abortion in Mexico…

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My topic is the Abortion in Mexico, this is a theme which is like a taboo in my country and I think that is a taboo for all the world. Currently, in Mexico has been some legal changes to approve the abortion practice because in the last years have been a large amount of deaths for the bad conditions of instruments. There are some actors that disapprove this changes like Catholic Church. I chose this topic because is very interesting to know what arguments have all the actors involved: women, society, government, Catholic Church, doctors, psychologists.

Abortion pic

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