Hey y’all

My name is Hannah Lee, and I’m a southern girl caught in the tundra of Wisconsin. I came to Whitewater three years ago from Clarksville, Tennesse for three reasons:

And since then, I’ve been stumbling my way (literally all over ice) through adjusting to Northern life. Although there have been MANY failures and I’ve discovered the snow is actually horrible, I can say this has been an unforgettable experience thus far, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What is it?

My first day in the snow

My first day in the snow

In this blog, I will be providing Southerners, like myself, with the “dos and don’ts” of adjusting to life in the North, and I’m sure my Wisconsinite readers will get a little laugh at some of the major mistakes I made as well. Although just a ten hour drive and three states away, Wisconsin and Tennessee could not be more different; from the food to the language to the weather, the examples are endless. And I’ll be sharing a few of them with you in the upcoming weeks.

Why write it?

My hope is that I will be able to prevent others from making some of the, sometimes very expensive and embarrassing, mistakes that I made. And, of course, bring a little southern charm to the north.

Leaving my family, warm weather, and the greasy food at Waffle House was one of the hardest decisions I’ve made, especially when you add how clueless I was to life on my own. However, I’ve finally gotten the hang of things, and Wisconsin is slowly starting to feel like home (although I’ll never be a Packers fan).

As I outline my journey for you, I invite you to share your triumphs and failures as well. How well…or not so well…did you just to life in the North? Or for you Northerners, how was your experience in the South?

And for those of you yet to experience the differences between tht two, I encourage you to go Northbound and get a little taste of the Upper Midwest. You won’t regret it.

Until next time y’all,


NEXT WEEK: The Car Catastrophe