Jun 23

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Please if you have time, visit this link to view real life stories of Alcoholics and other Drug related issues and stories



Jun 19

Topical project 8-11

8. Personal drug use: cases of someone you know of (optional)

9. Approaches to prevention/mitigation

‐ Recommendations made by trustworthy organizations pertaining to the drug

‐ Relevant regulations and laws

10. Recommended action (be specific)

11. List of references

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Jun 13

Topical Project #4-7

4. Pharmacology and effects

‐ Routes of administration

‐ Drug’s effect in the synapse, physiological effects

‐ Psychological effects

5. Causes for concern

‐ Acute toxicity

‐ Chronic toxicity

‐ Dependence potential

‐ Social issues

6. Current beneficial uses (if any)
7. Overall health impact assessment based on the information in 3‐6.

topical project 4-7

Jun 5

Topical Project 1-3

Alcohol Topical Project due 6/7/2014

-Sources and forms of the drug(s)

-History of the drug(s)
=Early usage

-Drug use/misuse (NSDUH, DAWN, etc.)
=Recent trends (past 10-20 years)
=Current use based on latest survey

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Alcohol Topical Project part 1

May 27

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