Emotional Cyber Overload

I’ve tried hard to stay off social media since this past Tuesday. It’s pretty tough. It’s almost as if my fingers automatically type in “facebook.com” or “twitter.com” when I get in front of a computer.

Pretty sad:(

There’s a great deal of hurt, fear and anger in this country since Tuesday. AND THIS POST ISN’T AN ATTEMPT TO CONTINUE ANY OF IT. So this post isn’t a political one so don’t respond with one or I will delete it.

I just need a break from all of it. And maybe you do as well. Please don’t mistaken this break to mean I don’t think these emotions aren’t genuine or important. I just need a break.


Tell me something positive that’s happened for you this year (“The person I voted for POTUS won.” is NOT an option) or tell me something you’re thankful for. I’ll start it off:

Last month I got to visit La Crosse, WI for a long weekend. We traveled there for my wife to do her first 5k trail run. We spent the weekend at some nice coffee shops, restaurants and bars. The foliage was so beautiful on the bluffs surrounding the area.


We also visited a the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe just outside La Crosse. It sits on a picturesque hill overlooking some gorgeous foliage. It was just beautiful.


The weekend was especially nice, as I got to spend quality time with two of my favs: Alexandrea and Sutton. We ended up driving home on State Highway 35, which runs next to the Mississippi River and it was magnificent as well.




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  1. John Martin says:

    A few weeks ago i got to escort the prettiest redhead in Texas to a Kris Kristofferson concert. It was a great show and it didnt hurt that the concert was in San Antonio. Lots to do, lots to drink. It was an awesome weekend.

  2. Michael Brody says:

    Something positive that has happened to me just occurred a few days ago, my birthday. I got to celebrate it with my brother whom I do not get to see very often. We went out to a posh bar and enjoyed some red wine.
    Also, I got a “training mask,” which seems to be an up-and-coming craze. Basically, it is a mask one wears when working out to simulate breathing conditions at higher elevations/altitudes, which can increase one’s endurance and stamina.

  3. Paxton Bergin says:

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner I would like to say that I am definitely thankful for my family. This summer on my mom’s side of the family we had a reunion, and there were a lot of people that I had not seen in a long time. It was very exciting reconnecting with family members who had been married or had kids or any other sort of life changing event. It is nice to take a break from work and school to spend time where we do not spend enough of it, with our families. My mom, sister, uncle, and myself drove up to Ashland, Wisconsin, where my grandparents are originally from. It took us nearly 7 hours of driving. My mom left her phone in a Kwik Trip just outside of Stevens Point and didnt realize it for almost 20 minutes. We had to turn back to go get it. After that we took a wrong turn somewhere way up in the Northwoods and managed to get pulled over by a sheriffs deputy. Nothing ever goes to plan of course, but, we finally arrived at our destination and spent a day playing volleyball, eating good food, and enjoying the company of everyone there. There were almost 160 people in attendance! For some family members it was their last reunion, for others there will hopefully be many more to come.

  4. Kasey Miller says:

    Just a month ago I was an Usher in my step brothers wedding. It was such a blast and an exciting time. Right before that wedding, my brother proposed and asked for me to be the best man in his wedding. So I’m just very thankful for family and everything they do to support me. From grandma sending me my favorite tuna noodle salad, to dad spending long weekends deer hunting with me. Family is such a positive part of my life, and I cant wait to have a long weekend of eating tons of food, and drinks for Thanksgiving with them.

  5. Sydney Hanick says:

    Within this past year, my family has come together to become a lot closer. We moved my brother out to Southern California, where he goes to school at Loma Linda University to obtain a masters in nutritional sciences. We had about a week long vacation there as well. Earlier this past summer, I traveled to Mexico with a good friend of mine, as well as some of her family and friends. It was nothing but relaxing, and fun! We also went on a short weekend “vacation” to Indiana, where we hung out at Indiana’s Sand Dune National Park, which is super pretty! We always call it the, not-so-disgusting side of Lake Michigan. With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, it’s very easy to be thankful for my supportive family and friends!

  6. tiarra says:

    I am very thankful for life today; given everything that i have been going through these last three weeks i still manage to stay on top of things. It has been stressful but I am glad that I am still able to function and be positive about everything. I am thankful for the support system that I have, the people that’s been in my corner through all these issues. I am thankful to have understanding professors as well, who are willing to work with me so that I will not fall behind.

    I am proud to have won the Junior award last semester, that was unexpected. To know that my professor really believe that I deserved to be recognized for this award meant a lot to me. I know that there were several other Junior’s that met these standards and I was the one to have been chosen; that was an honor. I will always cherish this award and appreciate my professors, staff, and faculty.

    Also this semester I had the privilege to represent the Black Student Union for Homecoming court.. These individuals believed that I had the leadership skills to represent them.

  7. Tim Dies says:

    One thing that was really good that happened to me this year was being in my best friend’s weeding. It was a nice day that i got to take off from work and we had a fun time the day before and the day of the wedding. Being in the wedding was something that I thought was going to be difficult but it ended up not being so bad. Except during the actual wedding ceremony where we had to stand in 80 degree weather in a full suit for 30 mins. The dancing and singing was fun and everyone had a good time celebrating.

  8. Seth Daellenbach says:

    As you already know these past two weeks I have been in Texas training for the military. Even though I have only been away a short time, it really makes you realize how much your friends and family mean to you. So basically I am thankful for the fact that I get to spend most of my time at home with my family and friends. Many active duty personal don’t get that privilege. This past summer was probably my best one yet. I enjoyed lots of camping, traveling, and going to concerts.

  9. Brandon Layber says:

    Being able to hangout with my close family is the best thing to happen to me this year. Good health and positive relations is something many families throughout the world may not have. Recently, The support my family provides to one-another helps in the worst and best of times. My sister a Uw-Madison student, my brother a full time repair man, and myself a Uw-Whitewater, are all grateful of the resources and support we’ve been supplied with while growing up. I hope one day to fully repay the good deeds my parents did for me growing up, nobody deserves it more!

  10. Trenisha Battiste says:

    One thing that is positive that happened to me recently is that I passed my osteology test for my forensic documentation class. he said that it was one of the hardest test and many people had to retake it over but I’m very thankful that I passed it with a high grade. I did all the correct studying and I was so confident taking that exam. And even though I was studying to past I learned a lot about how many bones we have in the human body.

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