Top 25 Crimes of the Century

Thought this article was pretty interesting, as it lists the top 25 crimes of the century.  Click HERE to view these crimes.  Here’s my question: Which crime do you think is the worst and why?

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  1. Erika Oldenberg says:

    This was a hard decision for me because of all these crimes were horrible. It was between the Columbine Massacre in 1999, the O.J. Simpson Case in 1994, or Ted Bundy in 1978. The Columbine Massacre was tragic and the O.J. Simpson case was unforgettable because he got away with murder but I have to choose Ted Bundy as being the worst because he strangled and mutilated his victims. He slept with their corpses and displayed them in his apartment. Ted Bundy confessed to killing 30 people but there could have been more. They said he could have begun to kill people at the age of 14. That is very disturbing. I can’t see how one can kill up to 30 people and be completely content with it. His victims were as young as 12 years old. I can’t imagine anything that could be worse than that. When Ted Bundy was sentenced to jail he would receive letters from women who admired him. That just boggles my mind. Killing and raping your victims and having no remorse is the worst crime you can commit.

  2. Wesley Jahnke says:

    This was very difficult and i have a number one but others could easily be 1. The crime i thought was the worst was the 8 nurses killed by Richard Speck. The reason being that these women one by one were killed in the most gruesome of ways and they were helpless. They each had to watch as there friends were killed and brutalized. I cannot even imagine how bad that must have been. The next would be columbine because of all the people affected. Not only the 12 killed or the 24 wounded but the kids who were helpless and frightened and now have to live with what happened everyday of their lives. Also it could have been much worse if the pipe bombs would have went off in the lunch room when 400 students were in their. The fact that these two got away with all this is unbelievable and that the police could not get in to help right away because of lack of communication is truly terrible.

  3. Antonio Mendoza says:

    This is hard to decide, but I think who take the worse is The Unabomber. The reason I have chose this is because terrorized a whole nation for two decades and so many were his victims, on top of that he avoided to be caught for so long by law enforcement, talking about law enforcement I ca not imagine how many hours, man power and money was invested in his apprehension. He was really smart from my point of view, so smart that fool so many for so many years, no even forensics and technology were able to track him down until his brother put some of the pieces of the puzzle together, that another point that I say this in my point of view is the number one in my mind, since I bet it took lots of moral courage from the brother to turn him in.

  4. Andrea Nelson says:

    It was hard for me to decide too just like everyone else, but I picked the Jeffrey Dahmer case. I picked this one because of the number of people that were killed, the ways in which he killed them all. He even was able to convince the police that the one boy was his lover, and ended up killing him! He saved their skulls as a prize, and ate random body parts…who does that?! Another reason why I picked this case was because it all happened in Wisconsin, so it hits close to home.

  5. Loy Vang says:

    This was a very hard decision because of the fact that all these events are horrible. I almost want to say that all of them are just as equally committed crime, but apparently there are some that I can’t wrap my head around. This involves the cases of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Una bomber, and Richard Speck. All these cases were the worst of the worst and in the worst of the worst scenario. It wasn’t just all in one outburst of certain crimes, but it occurred over time. I think that it just adds more to the curiosity of our criminal justices system and giving us a benefit of a doubt about its policies. In all honesty, these are some pretty messed up cases that cruel and unusual to begin with.

  6. Debbie Kyser says:

    There were several to me that were the worst crimes I thought and they were John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. They were all very similar. The bodies were all multilated and/or had been sexually abused. The worst one I think was Ted Bundy, who appeared to be handsome, cultured and charming. Very deceptive. He confessed to atleast 30 muders and there could of been more. Then to top it off he displayed lopped off heads in his aprtment and slept with dead corpses, which was just as sick as how he murdered the victims.

  7. I think that Andrea Yates is the worst of all the killers on the list. The key difference between her and the other killers on the list is that she killed her own children. Her children were powerless in any possible way, and they trusted their mother. I think those factors set these victims apart from all of the other victims. They didn’t go home with the wrong person, or die, in part, because of poor decision-making. I grew up in a large single-income family with 5 siblings, and we drove my Mom crazy sometimes. I guess I was lucky. Also, I don’t believe that Yates was any less sane than Dahmer, Bundy, Gacy, or Speck. Why should she not be executed for her crimes? Many men have been executed for similar, or even less heinous crimes, while Yates gets sentenced to a mental health facility? This mismatch between crime and sentence had a lot to do with my decision.

  8. Jamie Forman says:

    It is extremely difficult to pick just one. I think that Jeffery Dahmer was the worst because of the number of people that were killed and the ways in which he killed them. Dahmer was able to lure these innocent victims to his home. I think that his actions were disturbing. Examples include; keeping a skull as a souvenir, eating and storing his victims body parts. I think he picked vulnerable targets because around the time he committed his crimes, homosexuality wasn’t accepted by the majority of society. So I think officials overlooked these victims as targets and that is partially how Dahmer was able to keep killing.

  9. Kalib Hrbacek says:

    I chose Jeffrey Dahmer as well. While looking over the choices I narrowed it down by the type of crime and the severety of the crime. With that, Dahmer takes the cake. Killing, torturing, dismembering and eating his victims, he was the sickest criminal since Ed Gein. Some people even believe that while in Florida, Dahmer may have abducted and killed John Walsh’s son, Adam, back in 1981.

    He’s one sick puppy.

  10. derrick dortch says:

    This is a very hard choice to make but i want to state my opinion about oj simpson he did not get away with murder. i watched everybit of that case and i agree with the verdict of not guilty. it funny how most people who think he is guilty only watched evening news clips instead of watching the entire factual proceedings. anyway they are all important but the one that gets to me alot is columbine because the real perpertraters of this crime are the adults who did not intervein in these childrens lives before this tragedy occurred. the sad thing is this could happen again any day in any school because of the low self esteem and bulling that still occurs in our schools

  11. Antonio Williams says:

    I would have to list two: John Wayne Gacy and Jefferey Dahmer, being that it was hard form me to narrow it down to these two. The reason why is because there were sooo many red flags (signs) in which these gruesom cases could have been solved earlier than it was. In addition, may have saved some lives. In a Homicide class I took, we observed the Jefferey Dahmer case. To explain a strange situation, which this case could have been solved earlier, is when one of Dahmer’s victims got away and ran outside naked. The police found the naked man, but released both victim and Dahmer without any further questioning…Absurd to me!…As for Gacy, signs as well occured, “the smell like dead thingss”

  12. Miranda Majors says:

    After reviewing the top 25 worst crimes of the century, I believe that the Great Train Robbery in 1963 fits this description. Its violent happenings and organization of 15 thieves shows great determination in this robbery of $7 million. As the article states, it only took 15 minutes and they all got away with it until 2001 when the main thief turned himself in. This makes it a perfect crime.

  13. Holly Winn says:

    “Which crime do you think is the worst and why?”

    Art thefts and violent crimes cannot be compared. It is impossible to choose which is the “worst.” Having to choose one–whether it is because it had the worst effect or the worst intent–is offensive. It perpetuates the same glorification of violence and greed that helps to allow these crimes to occur. What all of these crimes have in common is that they are famous. Why do we even need to know the names of these serial killers? Why don’t we know the names of the victims? What good comes of looking through a list of the “top 25?”

  14. Kyle Kiser says:

    I think just like every body else it is a very hard decision and everything is just terrible. But for me the top rating one would be a close tie between The Unabomber and Jeffrey Dahmer. I think These were the worst because with the Unabomber it literally hurt many people, and Jeffrey Dahmer was just a sick man and what he did was aweful.

  15. Amannda Hollis says:

    I would have to say Ted Bundy because of the number of people he killed, his lack of respect for a dead body, and how he used his knowledge of these deaths to buy himself more time before he himself was killed. Even after being imprisoned he didn’t stop what he was doing and managed to escape to seek out others. Once back in prison he had many female fans that he would receive letters from. Ted Bundy never seemed to understand that he was doing something wrong and never wanted to stop.

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