This week’s blog focuses on President Obama’s recent acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize Award.  This announcement garnered a lot of positive and negative opinions regarding whether or not Obama deserved the award. 

Question: Do you think President Obama deserves this award and why?

Before you answer read this ARTICLE on the actual facts surrounding the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize and watch this VIDEO of a recent debate on the subject.

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  1. Phillip Brent Miller says:

    President Obama did not deserve the award for this year. Next year will be more applicable. My main reason for this is that the nominations for this years award were due no later than 2 weeks after Obama’s inauguration. I personally don’t believe he has done anything so momentous that he deserves such an award. I think he’s done a much better job as president than I expected. Lets see what he continues to do the rest of this year and into next year before nominations are due for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. Tiffany Hulberg says:

    I think that he did deserve the prize. I keep hearing people say “he won because he writes his own speeches!?? That’s bs!” And all I can say to that is WHAAAAT!? Read the facts don’t just regurgutate what you think you heard someone say. I think that what Obama did with communications with other countries and the sheer determination that he brought out in the vote. He gave people hope who a year ago would never have even considered going to vote, jump at the chance to finally be able to trust in a president.

  3. Kalib Hrbacek says:

    I do not believe he deserved the prize either. I was reading a seperate article in the local newspaper, and it said that he was given the award not for what he’s done… but for the promise of what he’s going to do. Well I promise I will stop all world violence, turn the earth green, and restore every endangered species in two days. PRIZE PLEASE.

    Though I understand WHY they gave him the prize, I believe it was a year or two early. Once all of his promises start turning into facts…then he really would deserve it. Until then, we have to take his words as words.

  4. Loy Vang says:

    Well, I think that it really is all too soon to all of a sudden to give out the noble peace prize to President Obama, especially when he was just as shocked as everyone else is. I mean, yeah he may deserve it, but what I want to stress is that it shouldn’t have been now. It really should have been handed when he has shown or proven his commitments to the people. You should be awarded for the things that you are doing, not for the things that you have promised or in hope of doing. I really do believe that he does deserve it in the path that he’s taking the people, but until then, we can’t really say much about his intentions until it is done.

  5. Debra Kyser says:

    I do not think that President Obama should of gotten the noble peace prize. Nominations started shortly after he took office and he did nothing but only won the election. A person who wins this prize is someone who has done alot of extra ordinary work for years. Someone like Mother Teresa is worthy of such a price. Because of their service they are honored. I think some people are trying to promote him too much just because he is the first black president. He has caused alot of unrest between people I think. Some of the changes he has made are not for the good.

  6. Andrea Nelson says:

    Personally I don’t think that President Obama should have gotten the Noble Peace Prize. I think he hasn’t been in office long enough yet to even be considered for the award! There were so many amazing people that did so much for the World that received this same award and I don’t think that President Obama falls into this same category. At least not at this time, maybe it could be considered next year or the year after, but for only being in office for months I think it’s ridiculous that he got this award.

  7. Erika Oldenberg says:

    I want to start out saying that I am thrilled that Obama was elected President. It is about time we have an African American President. On the other hand, I don’t know if he should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I think he has done great things for this country, but he has a lot more to overcome. He had awesome ideas in his campaign but he has yet to follow through with them. I have faith in him to be one of the greatest Presidents yet, but he hasn’t been President long enough to show us he deserves this award. I agree with the video reporters when they say it is more of an award to the United States than it is to Obama. It has shown how much America has changed for the better. Overall, I think it’s great that he was awarded this prize but it could have gone to someone who has done more.

  8. Jamie Forman says:

    I do not believe that President Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize. I think that it is far to soon in his presidency for him to already have won the award. He was given the award not for what he’s done… but for the promise of what he’s going to do. I think someone who has actually done something within this year to protect freedom and liberty should have won. However, if Obama fulfills his promises I believe down the road he could be deserving of the award, when we have more evidence showing he fulfilled those promises.

  9. Miranda Majors says:

    Although I am in favor of President Barack Obama, I do not think he deserved to win the Nobel Peace Prize. So far he has only been in the office for a little over 9 months and although he has set several goals for his presidency, nothing has directly been accomplished. To me, this dose not seem worthy of wining the Nobel Peace Prize. He should have declined the award and allowed it to go to someone else. He won his prize, becoming President of the United States. This one should have gone to someone more deserving.

  10. Holly Winn says:

    I feel that Obama deserves recognition for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” but I think that awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize was inappropriate. I agree with Nile Gardiner: conceding that there are many other individuals who are far better candidates for the award. I also agree with Gardiner that by awarding Obama the Peace Prize the Nobel Prize process is cheapened. Obama was nominated for this award only about two months into his presidency. That would mean that he was nominated for intent more than accomplishment. I think that is silly because becoming a laureate, by definition, demands accomplishment. Fun fact: Access to material which formed the basis for the evaluation and decision concerning a prize will not be divulged until at least 50 years after the decision is made (Norwegian Nobel Committee).

  11. Wesley Jahnke says:

    I really think that President Obama did not deserve this award just yet. Now in the future he may be worthy of it, but right now all he has done is talked about peace and it like the first guys said it is too early for him to win this award. Now I definitely agree with the last guy because he said that either way President Obama is in a tough spot on what to do. I think he cannot worry about what people think he just needs to make the best decision. If we need more troops in Afghanistan then send them, if not dont send them. All in all i do believe down the road Obama would be worthy of the award but not right now.

  12. Antonio Williams says:

    In my opinion, I feel that Obama has one of the hardest jobs in presidency in America. It’s like, no matter what he does, He’s going to be wrong. To become the FIRST black president in the United States IS doing something. Obama has the greater vote of people in the United States of America. Now what he DO in his presidency he may or may not deserve to recieve it again. Though, he HAS made great strides which qualifies him as THE Nobel Peace Pride Awardee.

  13. derrick says:

    well even the president was suprised he won but does he deserve the award? Absolutely yes are we forgetting all the great things he did before he became president and the obsticles he had over come to become the president in the first place. it just the short time he has been in office he has improved relations with other countries significanly. he is also donating the prize money. im sure he will continue to work to make sure his campaign promises come true.

  14. Tyiece Oninski says:

    I don’t believe that Obama deserves the noble peace prize, especially when he has only been our president for such a short period of time. There are people that have been doing things for years in bettering our county as a whole and they have not received any kind of recognition for their efforts. I believe that Obama should have declined it and maybe in the future been put up as a nominee for it “maybe” again. He is our president and he has a job to do. He hasn’t even begun to do that job and he is being awarded for his efforts. If his term/s went well, then he may have gotten it. I do agree with one of the gentleman that said ‘it cheapens noble prize process”. I will in the future see if the noble prize awarded to an individual is legitimate.

  15. Cody Schmittinger says:

    As much as I support Obama, he does not deserve the award. I would have to agree with some of the previous posts that it came too early. He hasn’t dont anything significant to recieve the award yet, and theres no reason to give someone a reward for stuff they haven’t yet done. The prize should have gone to someone who has actually accomplished something. Not to a promise of accomplishment. It’s like giving the nobel piece prize to the first person who promises to cure cancer. Great that’s a really good thing to accomplish, but if they recieve the prize before the achievment of curing cancer, what’s the point of recognition for that person. They haven’t done anything worth it.

  16. valerie says:

    i do not believe that he should have won it because what has he done so far to promote peace. yay he has talked with world leaders so has bill clinton did he get one no so why does obama get one? maybe when i see his words in action then i will agree that he deserves it.

  17. I think that he deserves the award because of what he has done so far to improve the communication between our nation, and the others of the world. I think that its very important to keep the lines of communication open, even when there is a history of disagreement and contempt. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, right? Even if he didn’t accomplish anything tangible, just the fact that he’s been trying is worthy of some recognition. The video stated that while improving our relations with other countries, he has made some tough moves as well. I think that this strikes a good balance, and shows that while his administration is open to communication, the use of force is still an option. I do think its a little strange for him to get an award like this so soon after taking office, but he did make it clear, even before taking office, his intent to reverse the “closed door” policy that had been in effect.

  18. Christy Vachavake says:

    I don’t think Obama deserves the award. Yes, he may have great plans for the future and will hopefully get it done but the fact of the matter is that he hasn’t done those things yet. You don’t deserve an award for planning to do something good, you deserve an award for going out and actually getting something done. I know he has already done some of this but he hasn’t changed the world in 10 months and no one could. They should have waited a few years before giving him this award.

  19. Kyle Kiser says:

    I do not believe that he should have won this award, because he really has not done much at all exspecially something so big that it should have won the nobel peace prize. I think the big test is what he does in the next few years.

  20. Antonio Mendoza says:

    I think it is to soon to give President Obama the Novel prize, and not because in my opinion he not deserve it, but I think it is too soon to get a prize of that importance to him, even he is a great man and president, but also he might have his own reasons, could it be political reasons or personal reasons. I believe the next year will be better than this year.

    I look at the facts and the reaction on the people of the United States and that might be his personal as political reasons on rejecting the award. Too political…

  21. Amannda Hollis says:

    I do believe he deserved the win the prize. I listened to a recording of one of the members of the committee who determines who is awarded and he said he was awarded because of what Obama stands for, what he has done, and what he will continue to do. In such a short time Obama has already done a lot and the committee would like to promote this. I also looked at the list of previous winners and he seems to fit right in. Obama has changed the outlook of Americans and has been able to talk with other world leaders to come to better conclusions. Obama’s approval ratings in other countries is higher than many previous presidents and this gives him an advantage when communicating with other countries. World leaders respect him and I think this is huge.

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