I couldn’t resist blogging about this…

I have to tell you that I’ve never attended any of my high school reunions.  A couple of years ago, a friend asked me if I was going to attend an upcoming one and I replied that “I hadn’t lost anything I needed to go back and find at my high school.”

I’m not sure how you feel about this issue (you may/may not have loved high school), but I recently watched a video that was simply hilarious regarding one’sreturn to her family reunion.  Let me know what you think and enjoy.

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  1. Anna Wasmund says:

    Wow, people tend to have such negative connotations with high school reunions…WHY??

    I am sure I have a COMPLETELY different high school experience being in private school and graduating with a grand total of 10 other students. But from MY exerience, I cant wait for the reunion, we are all best friends but time and distance interrupting.

    The video was SO funny. The thing that worries me about high school reunion is the whole “status thing”: how far I/others have made it. Cricket was able to fool nearly everyone, making herself be ANYTHING she wanted to be (heck even a different person literally haha!)

    Uhhmm not sure what else to say here.

  2. Elisabeth Callahan says:

    I thought the clip was pretty funny and the whole subject makes a pretty good recipe for funny movies and such.
    I think high school reunions are a lot like prom; overrated. Except with reunions the tables are turned and usually the once popular stuck up chick is now 60 pounds heavier and stuck at some dead-end job. Or so it seems, at least that’s how it went when my mom worked up the courage to attend her reunion.
    I think reunion means different things to different people. Some people go because they peaked in high school and for the night have hopes of reliving the prime years, others want to go to show the chess club, four-eyes, nerd days paid off and to rub a “look at me now” in some faces. Others, like my mom, went to view the above scenarios, laughing silently all the while.
    I’ll probably go to mine just out of plain curiosity; I might even send Cricket to do my dirty work.

  3. Andrea Nelson says:

    I thought the video was very funny!! I’m not sure how I feel about high school reunions; I think it’s all based on your “status” during those 4 years. If you were popular, it would be fun to go and re-visit those days, and hang out with all your friends again. But if you were someone that was always being made fun of I can’t see how it would be any form of enjoyment at all. I think it would be interesting to attend at least one, so you can say that you did it, catch up with old friends, and just to see what your graduating class has made of themselves over the years.

  4. Kimone Holtzman says:

    hahahahahaha! That was funny! 🙂 I have been out of high school for almost 5 years-and i feel old. I don’t talk talk to anyone really from my graduating class because i didn’t go to school with anyone i knew! There are a few people here at WW that i recognize but all we do is say “hi” and know that we had math class together…or were on the track team together…
    i sort of agree with you -Mr. Gregory…I didn’t lose anything i have to go back and find. If there was a reunion next year (for 5 years) i would not go. I might go when and if i am more established doing what ever else besides being a student. But for right now i would not go. and like the video if i chose to go i would NOT higher a stripper to replace me just to fool people lol

  5. rachel woodford says:

    This was a pretty funny idea, as far as it reunions go I feel like if you wanted to talk to people from your class you will still have contact with them and won’t need this to see where everyone is in life, but maybe a 15 year would be fun to just go back and see how people and things have changed…she completly had everyone thinking that this was her life now and it was for a good laugh..

  6. Loy Vang says:

    Not too long ago, I had a high school reunion as well, but I didn’t go to it. Although I had no reason to go back, I found that this video clip was hilarious. Pretending that you’re another person is very interesting yet deceiving. I would never have guessed that! It was just funny to see how deceiving one can be at these reuions…

  7. Jay Stokes says:

    I know I’m a dork for this but, After I graduated my high school in 2006… I’ve visited every semester! 😛

    I had some great experiences there and made some great connections with teachers and faculty. Also my sister goes there now so I’m still connected through her.

    I dont think that it matters weather you went to a private or public school, I think it matters who else went with you. what I mean is that, its not the place, its who you are with. Also, what you CHOSE to make of high school. I think a lot of people dont really know who they are in high school and that is why it wasnt enjoyable. College is great because you get to restart after finishing your trail run (high school)

    The video is really funny! I can imagine some of my friends doing the same thing.

    Anyway, I will probably attend my high school reunion when it comes around… and who knows, maybe i’ll bring a stripper just for the hell of it!

  8. Katie Francour says:

    I can’t wait to have a high school reunion and return to see everyone again! There were some people I wasn’t too fond of since I graduated with so many people, but I would love to see the friends that I haven’t seen in a while and see how they are doing! I think it’d be fun to catch up and see what everyone did with their lives.

    The video was very funny.. it’s crazy how easy it would be to fool everyone. I would like to think that I will still have some of the same friends when going back to the reunion that would notice if it wasn’t me, but maybe I’m wrong. =)

  9. Jessica Mesmer says:

    I don’t think that high school reunions are anything special, but I also don’t think I would be extremely negative about it. I don’t think I would go to my first 5 year reunion just because right now I see the people from high school that I want to see. If I don’t see you, there’s got to be some reason. And my hometown really isn’t that big, so I would be able to go to any local function and be able to see a lot of people. However, I do feel that down the road it may be interesting to find out what people have been up to and where their lives have gone. I had a blast in high school, but my problem is there are too many people that are still trying to live in high school and I’m definitely over that drama.

    This clip definitely made me laugh. I could see me and my friends pulling something like this!

  10. Sara Lind says:

    Wow… pretty funny video. I still talk to a few people from high school but I do not think I would ever attend a reunion. It is not that I had a terrible time in high school or anything like that. I’m just not into it, I guess. Hopefully everyone is doing fine, but I don’t find it necessary to go figure out what everyone is doing. So, I guess I don’t really care for it with myself but I can understand why people think its fun and whatnot. It is just not for me.

  11. Brianne Coffey says:

    I didn’t enjoy high school and I can not imagine returing to high school for a reunion any time soon. Most of my friends with whom I still communicate are the ones I met in elementary school. Sending a stand-in would be hilarious. I think I would send in someone taller.

  12. Betsy Beck says:

    I really can’t wait for my highschool reunion. I think that it is going to be great to see everyone and catch up with the people that I have lost contact with. I still talk to most of my close friends from home, but I look forward to seeing the ones that I don’t talk to anymore. I think the video was really funny, I give her a lot of props for sending in Cricket. It was a great way to make others laugh and make light of the situation that not everyone looks forward to.

  13. Lindsay Pethan says:

    I thought that the video was pretty fuuny! I have been out of high school for almost 4 years now, and we have begun to plan a 5 year class reunion next summer. I still talk to most of the people I talked to in high school, so I am looking forward to it. It really will not be much different than going home for me now in some ways. When I go home, I hang out with the same friends from high school. I do not think a joke like this would work at our class reunion, at least not an upcoming one, because everyone pretty much knows what you still look like and what you do. We had a pretty close high school class, so my class reunions should always be alot of fun!

  14. Ashley says:

    This video makes me laugh. I think its funny all the weight loss and diets and stuff that people to before high school reunions. Especially like in Romi and Michelles HS reunion. that movie was the best. I really did enjoy high school and i probably would go to my reunion.I think it would be great to see what everyone has done and all that. i think it would be fun to send someone in as myself to a reunion like that and see if they notice that its not me! haha

  15. Jacob Johnson says:

    I do not plan to attend my high school reunion, and I have spoken with numerous friends from my high school that share the same opinion. I come from a city(De Pere, WI; just south of Green Bay) where it is common for people to finish high school, get a lower income job, and live in De Pere for their entire life. I have never liked the idea of this and have always made it a point to make sure that doesn’t happen to me. I like to think I was fairly popular in high school, I was president of the varsity club and played 10 seasons of athletics, however I have only kept in touch with about a handful of people from high school and that is plenty for me. There were 2 people from my graduating class who attended Whitewater and now there is only one. I don’t understand people who go to the same college as all their friends and don’t meet new people or make an attempt to meet new people and instead just continue to hang out with everyone they knew from high school. Overall I don’t really get the point to a high school reunion and don’t really have a preference one way or another.

  16. Lindsay Ellifson says:

    This summer will be my first (5 year) class reunion…though, like many have said, I see the people I want to see now. Those are my true friends; however, I actually liked my grade and think my class reunion will be worth attending regardless of how corny or dumb they may be!

    This video was funny…she must have been in a large graduating class in order for that many to not recognize her, or she had a small group of friends….my graduating class was around 100, and (being one of the only Asian girls), I don’t think it would be as easy for me to get away with, but it would be funny to try! It was creative and interesting to see how people accepted/judged her even out of high school.

  17. David Hanizeski says:

    The main reason I want to go to my reunion is to rub in the face of all the kids who were less that reputable characters to me and my friends that we are graduates of college and they are construction workers. We have seen some of them in random places but I can’t wait till we are all together. High school was a good experience and I was never the center of their violence, but the groups that formed in high school took offense to other groups. I think its going to be a funny experience. I think if you don’t go to a reunion than you don’t have a sense of humour because it’s all just fun and games.

  18. Courtney Harries says:

    I thought the video clip was very orignal and I thought the video clip was funny, I couldnt believe she hired a crew just to tick her old highschool friends into believing that she was who she said she was! I persoanlly wouldve never thought of anything like this!! but it was overall a great idea, I’m not sure if I could think of too many people doing this!

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