Battery-operated ecstasy!

The title for todays blog refers to electronic cigarettes.  Have you heard about these things? I listened to some commentary this past weekend on them and found it quite intriguing.  Click HERE to read an article about them.  You can also click HERE to watch a video demonstrating their use.

Now I’ll admit I may be way behind on this technology as I’m not a smoker.  If so, give me some feedback on your experience with this battery-operated wonder.  There doesn’t seem to be alot of research into their effect on humans (I’d like to hope any negative effects would pale in comparison to traditional cigs).  Let me know what you think.

18 responses to “Battery-operated ecstasy!”

  1. Andrea Nelson says:

    I think this is super interesting!! Coming from a family where my parents have been smoking before I was even born, and now are trying to quit I see the struggles they are going through. I’m not sure how this would actually help people though? I mean what is it meant to do? It says that it comes in a variety of flavors: coffee, chocolate, mint, apple and, tobacco. But they don’t contain any tobacco. So what is the purpose of smoking them? I can see where this would cause problems in public buildings such as shopping malls, airports, grocery stores etc where people say they aren’t smoking but yet they are puffing on something that looks to be a cigarette and it has “smoke” coming out of it. They also went on to say that the starter kit costs around $60!! It didn’t say what that all included, or how often you would need to replace the items in the kit. In Wisconsin the cost of a pack of cigarettes jumped close to $7.00/pack and many people are trying to quit for that reason alone, so I don’t see how spending near $60 for the kit would help them quit considering that’s about the same cost as a carton of cigarettes. Over all I think it’s a weird invention, and I’m not sure how well it will go over with the general smoking public.

  2. Anna Wasmund says:

    Yeah, I also question the actual intention of the electronic cigarette. Is it intended to allow indoor “smoking” or to help people quit..or what???

    As weird as this invention sounds, i think if the health benefits are better than it is a great invention. Altogether tho, it sounds pretty dumb. I wonder if it will catch on.

    The article was not very informative. What does the $60 kit get you? Depending what is included in it, it could be higly cost effective or a total waste of money.

  3. Jay Stokes says:

    Never heard of this before now.
    I’m a non-smoker so I’m biased towards any kind of smoking.
    Having said that, i think this is great! people get adicted to water vapor vs people getting atticted to the hundreds of chemicals in regular cigs… I think its obvious.

    I would hope that current smokers pick this up (depending on what the FDA says).

    Lastly, what about jobs? Tabaco farmers? $60 for a kit? like anna said, what does that get you? is it a better bang for buck…

    Very interested in if E-cigs will be the new ‘iphone’

  4. Katie Francour says:

    If used by smokers I think it is a good thing.. they may be able to keep bringing the nicotine levels down and eventually quit, but for non-smokers I don’t see the point. Why would a non-smoker start using this? It may make them think that it is the same as cigarette’s and then when they start smoking real cigarette’s thinking it’s the same they will get addicted. I don’t know.. I guess it would be great for smokers who can’t afford to buy cigarette’s all the time.

  5. Courtney Harries says:

    Wow I think that this is very interesting, indeed the things they are trying to come up with as far as the lollipop and water to give ppl a fix when they cant get their niccotine! and since those items were not approved, then they went toward electronic cigarettes, and the interesting part about it is that it is vapor water and the fact that you dont get you niccootine fix until you blow it out, and it is not really smoke so its not harming others such as second hand smoke!

  6. Loy Vang says:

    OK…seriously, I think it just defeats the purpose of trying to get people to stop smoking. Yeah one may have the choice of how many nicotine can be added and what not, but if this thing passes by the FDA (which I don’t think it will) then we are going to be seeing alot of young teenagers having these sorts of things around. Plus, we shouldn’t be depending alot on technology because we don’t even know the side effects it may have on people. Who knows, it could be worse! And besides, if a non-smoker gets their hands on these, more than likely are they going to try it and fall into smoking themselves.

    Therefore, I think, that this e-cigarette thing is going to attract more non-smokers than it would with actual smokers causing people to become smokers themselves.

  7. Sara Lind says:

    Wow… I think that is pretty amazing. Of course, I think it should be proved to be safe and passed by the FDA, but what a great alternative. I know smokers who have repeatedly tried to quit but it is just too hard. The nicotine and patches do not seem to work. A friend told me that it is not so much just the nicotine, it is the actual act of smoking, inhaling and blowing out smoke. So, I really think this is a wonderful innovation. As far as addiction goes, smokers are already addicted to nicotine, but this way you do not get the chemicals and whatnot found in tobacco products.
    Since it does contain nicotine, I could only imagine that it would be sold to those 18+. If it used correctly, I can see a lot of benefits coming from it.

  8. Kimone Holtzman says:

    WOW!!! I am partial to this invention.
    On one had I think “well geez, people need nicotine that much that they cant survive a plane ride with out one. also that smoking people need to “cheat the system” and create battery operated ways to get their fix whenever they need!-if they are in a smoke free environment”
    But the other side of me says “YAY! no more cigarettes causing other people to get sick via 2nd hand smoke. This will hopefully cut down the amount of smokers who smoke regular cigarettes. I HATE siting in class and the person next to me STINKS like 10 cartons of cigarettes! hopefully this will eliminate some of that nasty lingering Oder on people who smoke regularly.
    PS. if this invention becomes a real seller I HOPE that they are not welcome in the classroom and that no matter what it is the 25 foot(from an entry way) rule will still be in effect.

  9. Betsy Beck says:

    This is something I defianlty never saw coming, thats for sure. I think that it would be wonderful if this new invention helped people to kick the habit of smoking. It seems like something that would still give satisfaction, but would be a healthier alternative. This goes to show how much the world is changing, and how technology is suprising us every day. However, I feel that it is important that it passes the FDA regulations before everyone gets to try it. I also would like to know more of the details about it, and why it is worth buying.

  10. Elisabeth Callahan says:

    To be honest I’m surprised this invention didn’t happen sooner. I mean after all, all it is a battery powered mini vaporizer. People have been using vaporizers for a long time.
    As a nonsmoker i would want my smoking friends to get these. I hate second smoke so this could be a pretty nice compromise between both parties. This would be especially good in non-smoking places like some restaurants.
    It would also be beneficial for those trying to quit. You can control the amount of nicotine and gradually reduce the levels. Also, since the ecigs are shaped like cigarettes people can go through the motion of smoking which is usually physiologically beneficial in trying to quite. Not to mention the beneficial health factors is using a vaporizes compared to smoking. The lungs are just one of the organs spared.
    It said the starter kit was 60 dollars which is not that bad comparatively. I just wonder how much the cartridges refills cost.

  11. Jessica Mesmer says:

    I took a look at this blog with my mother who has been a smoker for most of her life. She had never even heard of it. She thought it was definitely interesting, but wanted to know more about it. We tried to look into it, and you are right we did not find much. The thought of this is very interesting, it seems like it might be a good way to get people to stop smoking. A lot of the problem people have with quitting is the daily routine they are used to. This could help get people that are used to that routine to be able to still have something in their hands but eliminate the nicotine. This could be a good thing if the FDA does some more research about the harmful effects it has and maybe it would help people. It would be interesting to see some more research done on it.

  12. Lindsay Pethan says:

    I have never heard of this before and I am not sure what to think about it. I don’t really see hhow this invention will get people to quit smoking. Because with this they are now allowed to “smoke” pretty much any where. Although yes it pretty much eliminates second hand smoke, but the people who are using it are still smoking. I just am not sure what the purpose of this is; to help people stop smoking or to allow smokers to be able to smoke anywhere? The side effects have not been researched well enough yet for me to decide if it is a good or bad thing. Once that happens, I think I would have a more distinct opinion on how I view this new product.

  13. Ashley says:

    I have heard of this before. Some lady just came into my work and started talking to us about being able to smoke them inside restaurants and stuff. I also agree that it should be approved and marked as safe before people start going crazy over it. However, I too challenge the purpose of this.

  14. Brianne Coffey says:

    I, myself, am not a smoker. These electronic cigarettes are new to me. At first, I thought that they would be a better alternative to tobacco-filled cigarettes. Being that they’re smoke-free, but still contain the nicotine that smokers crave, they sound like a great product. Since the FDA hasn’t approved them, I wonder what kind of effects they would have on people, asides from being a little pricing. Would the rate of lung cancer and other smoke-related illnesses decline? If the FDA approves these electronic cigarettes, how would Big Tobacco be affected? Would the Marlbro man be out of a job?

  15. Lindsay Ellifson says:

    Very interesting noting the price of cigarettes have gone up immensely lately. Though I’m not a smoker, it is a great alternative for those who are. To me, the smell of cigarette smoke is repulsive and offensive (though I know it’s an addiction that is hard to overcome, so I’m not completely knocking it), but this product is a way to eliminate secondhand smoke….though, many more of my questions need to be answered before I completely approve. For instance, what further health effects do they have on people, despite the lack of tar/toxins in cigarettes? I guess it’s pretty interesting, but I’m not sure that I see it catching on….

  16. Jacob Johnson says:

    This article is very interesting. It seems as if there would be no side affects to water vapor. I am a non-smoker, and my mom is deadly allergic to the chemicals in cigarette smoke so I have never even tried it. The article states that this has a therapeutic effect. Given this, it seems as if they are treating smoking as a compulsion more than an addiction. Perhaps they are hoping that individuals will use these fake cigarettes and the compulsion to have a cigarette will turn into an addiction for cigarettes containing nicotine. I really don’t see the meaning to this. I also find it hard to believe that this will catch on or become too popular.

  17. rachel woodford says:

    i never have liked smoking and never will as long as it causes as many problems as it does, cigarettes have always been something cool to start and then comes the addiction part making it harder for a person to quite but i think that its the actual motion that clicks with the mind and the process of mental addiction and physically doing it rather than the actual contents. now don’ get me wrong for some people it is very hard to break this habbit but maybe if they see the electronic version it would be better for their health and everyone else’s around them, it might take a while for this to get into more of the mainstream culture and to become something but if the side effects are there then maybe this is not such a good idea.

  18. David Hanizeski says:

    This is just funny. I am a smoker yes. Don’t care what you non-smokers think. But to be honest I like the idea (if it works). However these new inventions always promise that they will work and they don’t. On T.V. they promote pills and even metal things you can put in your ear to keep you from smoking. I think it is a great idea cause If they actually worked one day I would use it.

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