Whether you are a cat person, dog person, reptile person, or not an animal person at all it is important to know what the pet policy is for the apartment complex you are interested in.

Most landlords do a good job of advertising pet policies very clearly in multiple places but if you either cannot find the policy or you would like to negotiate the policy speak with your landlord. Most are very lenient and only require paperwork for the pet and possibly a refundable deposit. When speaking with a landlord who does not usually allow pets, prepare a resume for your pet that highlights all of the good qualities it possesses. This will definitely help your cause.

Some landlords who allow pets may require a security deposit or an extra cleaning fee for having the pet in the building. They may also require that you have renter’s insurance to cover any damage that your pet may cause during the duration of your lease. If your pet is well behaved and you clean up all messes that your pet makes, you will most likely get your deposit back in full if the landlord requires an additional deposit for the pet.

If you are not a fan of animals it is equally important to talk to your landlord about pet policies because you do not want to become frustrated with neighbors who have pets. It is important to ask your landlord what the outdoor clean up policy is, how to issue a complaint, and how many animals will be living near your unit. Make sure you are satisfied with the answers you receive before signing the lease.

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