For RentJust like every other profession, there are good landlords and bad landlords. Before signing a lease, it is very important to know what kind of landlord you are going to be dealing with and how to pick out warning signs.

What makes a good landlord?

  • They leave you alone when things are going well
  • They respond timely when you have a maintenance¬†problem in your apartment
  • They come across as a trustworthy and kind people
  • They are good communicators
  • They are organized
  • Thier office and communal spaces of the building are clean
  • They are transparent
  • They are reasonable

What makes a bad landlord?

  • They invade privacy or are too controlling
  • They come across as untrustworthy or even creepy
  • They do not respond in a timely fashion when you have a maintenance¬†issue in your apartment
  • Thier office space and communal spaces of the building are not clean
  • Other tenants have complained about the service

It is very important to meet with future landlords before signing any documents. Treat this meeting like an interview and pick the landlord and apartment building that best suits your needs.

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