Furniture is a necessary component of a home but can be a very large expense. Take a moment to think about all of the furniture you need to make your home feel like home. At a bare minimum for a one bedroom apartment you need: a bed (mattress and box spring), a bed frame, a night stand, a dresser, a desk, a couch, a chair, a TV Stand, a coffee table, an end table, a kitchen table, kitchen chairs and possibly a shelving unit to organize items. That is a lot and it is just the beginning! If you are lucky enough to have items “donated” to you by friends and family that is wonderful but not everyone is that lucky. If you need to start from scratch to furnish your new home, there are luckily many money saving alternatives to purchasing expensive items that will make your home feel just as homey.

  • Dumpster Diving- Don’t stop reading yet! I don’t mean literally diving in a dumpster. I mean driving around town and finding furniture along the road. Many people throw away items by setting them on the curb. Technically, once items are placed there, the items are up for grabs.
  • Ebay- Bid on items you need to try to get the lowest price possible. People sell anything and everything on Ebay so it is a great place to look when you need something and don’t care if it’s had a previous owner.
  • Thrift shops or second-hand stores- Macklemore style. Antiques and mid-century modern pieces can be found at many shops like these. They bring a little bit of extra charm to your apartment and are often sold for reasonable prices.
  • Buy open box items- Most of the time open box items are the old floor displays so they might have a few small scratches but most of the time these flaws are not very noticeable. These items are sold at very reduced prices.
  • Wait for a sale- The best months to buy furniture are January and July. If possible, wait to purchase some of the items you need until one of those months in order to get the best deals.
  • Use unconventional items- There are many things that can be turned into shelving units and end tables. The most common thing that I have seen on Pinterest is using wooden crates and connecting them together to make a DIY shelving unit.
  • Add some color- Anything can be updated with a little bit of paint or fabric. Paint and fabric are relatively inexpensive compared to buying a whole new table or chair. Items also feel more personalized when you take the time to update them.
  • Look for inspiration- Don’t know where to start? Check out blogs about decorating and DIY projects. They have great ideas that will inspire you.

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