networkingThere is only one way to make new connections no matter where you are planning on living after graduation. You need to make connections through networking. Networking can be approached in many different ways but it always has the same goal of connecting people. These people have valuable resources which can help you get jobs, discover activities, make friends, be inspired and solve problems. When you take the risk of moving to a new place, networking will make the transition much easier for you. Just think about when you started college. You chose a university that you aspired to go to for many different reasons. On move-in day, you needed to meet new people who lived in your dorm in order to learn about what was happening on campus. Some of the people that you networked with right away included RAs, roommates and neighbors. Then classes started and you networked some more. The more people you networked with during college, the more enjoyable the experience of being away from home became. The same in true in the “adult world”.

Today, we are very lucky because there is an abundance of easily accessible tools that can be used to network with people. Here is a variety of ways to network:

  • Social Media
    • Join Facebook groups that
    • Join LinkedIn groups
    • Follow people on Twitter after you meet them at an event
  • Fitness facilities
    • Buy a membership for the local gym and USE IT! Not only will you become a healthier version of you, but you will find other people who have similar passions and goals to you.
    • Take a class
    • Learn a new skill
  • Clubs
    • Do you love to read? Join a book club.
    • Do you love to bike? Participate in races and join a club.
    • Are you an artist? Go to weekly workshops.
  • Conferences
    • Take a chance to hone in on a skill.
    • Take the luncheon seriously by sitting with people that you have never met. Introduce yourself and exchange business cards!
    • Go with some co-workers to get to know them better.
  • Newsletters and Newspapers
    • Keep an eye out for events that are happening in the community and participate in them.

There are endless ways to network! Comment below with some tactics that have worked for you.

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