command-hooksIt is very common for rental properties to have strict guidelines for hanging items on walls. It is also very common for rental properties to have only white walls that you usually can’t paint. These two facts can make it challenging to personalize your new space. Even though you are more limited in this area when you rent versus when you own a property, you can still make the space yours without breaking the rules. Here are some examples of things that I have done in order to make my rental feel like home without breaking the landlord’s rules.

  • Add color by taping up color sample strips from your local hardware store.
  • Use command hooks to hang up string lights.
  • Use command velcro¬†strips to hang up picture frames.
  • Use decorative Washi tape to create damage-free designs on your walls, doors and cabinets.
  • Use small drywall nails to hang pictures if needed, but buy a spackling tool to fill the small holes before you move out.
  • Buy an over-the-door towel rack to hang anything from towels to purses.
  • Use command hooks to organize your closet.
  • Choose a tall lamp for the living room so you don’t notice as much open wall space.
  • Set oversized artwork against a wall.
  • Use an antique ladder as a bookshelf rather than hanging shelves on a wall.
  • Use Washi tape rather than a solid picture frame to hang up artwork.



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