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So, you found a place that you want to rent. That’s great! But before you sign that contract, you have a few things to do. The website¬† offers a checklist that can be used to record important details about the space you will be renting. Using a checklist like this ensures that you won’t miss any details during the short amount of time that you tour a rental property. I recommend that you record the facts when touring several properties and then compare the pros and cons of each location. Doing this will make you much more confident with the property you choose regardless of if the rental contract is short term or long term.



When looking for a space to rent, checklists like this help me to not get bogged down by how the property is decorated and used by the current renters. This list serves as a reminder to focus on the facts that can’t be changed about the property instead of the decor that will be moving out with the current resident. I hope that this checklist helps you keep track of the important details. Good luck with your search!


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