City of Whitewater Green Resources

This map was created for a Grant through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. We wanted to find out the types of “green” resources in the city of Whitewater. Obvious additions to the map included city parks and recreation trails, but questions arose as to what makes a “green” facility.

A green business may be defined as one that uses resources in an environmentally efficient way, while providing a sustainable business plan. However, I wanted to include recreation facilities along with businesses that sell products for use in outdoor activities. Whitewater has two privately-owned sports stores providing a wide variety of sports equipment, but the businesses themselves are not recognized as ‘green’.

I am interested in what you think about green businesses. Is a green business the type that supports physical/outdoor recreation? Or does the business need to provide a sustainable service and promote energy and water conservation?

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One comment on “City of Whitewater Green Resources
  1. Wendy Brawer says:

    Hi all – you should join the global movement and make this a real Green MapĀ® – which by the way is trademarked.

    There are lots of resources available to Green Mapmakers that help them set criteria and create a complete guide to sustainability – register at and find out more there.

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