Your Work Environment

February 19th, 2021

I know a lot of you may be eager to jump right into working with stained glass, but the fist thing we should talk about before anything else is you’re work environment. It may seem a bit boring at first, but its important since this will be the area in which you create beautiful works of art.

A beginner doesn’t need to set up an elaborate workshop or studio to create stained glass artwork. Here are some important things to note when setting up your work space:

Glass cutting and other work should be done on a firm surface, such as a fiber or self-healing cutting board. The board itself should be placed on top of a sturdy surface, preferably in a low-trafficked area where sharp pieces of glass and chemicals wont pose a risk to others. Keep in mind when picking out a work area that you’ll need to have access to an electrical outlet for equipment, such as a soldering iron or electric glass grinder.

Don’t set up your work space in an entirely enclosed area. Since certain chemicals you’ll be using can be harmful to inhale, make sure your space has adequate ventilation.

Because glass cutting produces large amounts of tiny glass shards, it’s important to always keep your workspace clean by periodically brushing away chunks of glass with a hand brush and dustpan or vacuuming the area with a hand vacuum.

Create a space where you can properly store materials like sheets of glass. All sheets of glass should be stored vertically for ease of access and safety. When storing my glass, I always wrap each sheet in a layer of old newspaper so that it doesn’t get scraped by other sheets.

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January 27th, 2021

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