The Beginning of the End

August 2nd, 2011

My tenure at the Museum of Natural History is quickly coming to an end. The specimens that I used are put away, the literature that I pulled has been put into a neat pile, and my poster is in queue for its printing appointment tomorrow. I’ll change a few things on it before GSA (namely include a matrix and get rid of some of the things aimed at a general audience), but it’ll stay the same for the most part.¬†We worked on this project until the very last minute and I do believe that it was well worth it (as always). A little after 5 p.m. today, I unplugged my laptop, packed up my bag, and pushed in the chair at my desk—for the last time, I realized…

…it was rather sad.

I do go into the museum tomorrow to pick up my poster and probably talk to my adviser a bit, but it’ll be the first time that I’m not setting up shop in the office. It’ll be weird.

I’ve met so many awesome people, done so many amazing things, [eaten so many wonderful cupcakes], and learned so much this summer—I really don’t know how to end it with a worthy closing statement. I guess that I’m just completely thankful to have had this opportunity.












Thursday is the day that we present our posters and the symposium, Friday we have our exit interviews, and Saturday I’ll be back in Wisconsin…

…for a day. Then I’m off to Japan for 3 weeks—a point that marks the transition to a new tag on these blog posts!


2 Responses to “The Beginning of the End”

  1. hangerr Says:

    You make me a bit teary-eyed. I am so proud I could burst wide open! See you after Japan.

  2. juk Says:

    Onwards to another adventure, Rhi. Don’t forget to post your experiences on this site under the “Japan Sojourn” category

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