What to Wear



Can’t go wrong with a flannel, but again this depends on where you are hiking. Wear layers if you will be in a low temperature zone or going high into the mountains. I personally like to dress nice for most of my hikes wearing something rugged that looks good, REI, Columbia and North Face have great options for outdoor clothes. In the summer be sure to keep those boots on and not switch out for running shoes to avoid injury.




Obviously I’m a guy so my advise on what girls should wear may not mean anything to you but here are some things I would recommend. North Face boots and jeans with a thick green jacket is a good look. REI, and Columbia also have really nice outerwear. Something warm is key for the winter but in the summer you can definitely dress lighter but don’t switch out your hiking boots for running shoes, there is a huge difference, and boots are going to be much more beneficial.

What to Bring

Hiking, like many other things in life, can be anywhere from extreme to casual. Knowing what kind of hike you want to take on is how you can determine what you need to bring on your next stroll through the woods or climb on the edge of a mountain. I have gone on both of these kind of adventures and I enjoy both.

For the leisurely hike I would suggest bringing a backpack with water, a packed lunch, and maybe a flash light and a pocket knife. But in this situation the risk is low so really your pack can be light.

If you plan on extreme hiking here is a list of things the American Hiking Society suggests packing:

  • pocket knife
  • Appropriate footwear (boots)
  • flash light
  • extra food
  • extra water
  • whistle
  • sunscreen
  • lighter
  • first aid kit
  • map/compass
  • Bear spray

Okay, the bear spray might be over doing it but hey you never know. Be sure to do research on the area that you are hiking in. Most sites will have news stories if they have had a bear attack in the last year or so, so be on the lookout. Until next time, get outside and explore.