Lake Andrea – Pleasant Prairie, WI

About an hour away from Whitewater, WI there lies a town called Pleasant Prairie. Its a big town made up of about 20 thousand people but it also includes small town vibes and some really neat places to visit.

One of these places is Lake Andrea, this lake is about 2 and a half miles to walk around with great sites all the way around. Along with a great walk/hike it also features kayaking, fishing, volleyball nets, and a beach. I enjoy going to this lake and walking because it has a paved path which is nice when your looking for just a relaxing walk instead of something strenuous.

Lake Andrea – 2/19/2017

Lake Andrea is definitely worth the trip, you can walk or run with friends or family and you can really get a great experience out of this. I went on 2/19/17 with my family. Wisconsin doesn’t usually get warm weather like what we’ve been having recently so we all decided to take advantage of it. Hopefully you do too!

Outer Wear: Short sleeve, shorts, running shoes

Music: Becoming – Milky Chance

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