“Lucy vs. Flare”

I am so sorry that everyone had to watch that last episode, but thank you for joining me again. It almost pains me to write about this but, as promised, I am going to delve into the details on the latest episode.

An Unfair Battle

  • Lucy recalls all of the unfair treatment of her guild members and promises to win: This was added in to show how both injustice and care for her guild members gives Lucy strength, creating more reason to respect her as a character. Though, it also creates an even stronger feeling of devastation when she lost.
  • Mavis discusss what Ivan might be up to: The plot within the plot. Whatever Ivan is up to will be in addition to the plot of the Grand Magic Games as a whole. This complexity makes the show more interesting and less one-dimensional.

  • Lucy summoning multiple spirits at once

  • Lucy summons multiple spirits at once to attack: At least one other predication I got right! Lucy being able to attack with multiple spirits proves she is more powerful, and now a force to be reckoned with.

  • Flare threatens a small child in the audience if Lucy doesn’t lose: This proves exactly how evil and pathetic Raven Tail is. Not only do they just want to humiliate Fairy Tail, but they don’t even care who they have to hurt to make it happen.

  • Flare tortures Lucy: This shows the previous point in action, physically. Flare feels no remorse whatsoever, and beats Lucy senseless.

  • Lucy using new magic against Flare

  • Natsu saves the child so Lucy uses new magic to win: This came as a shock because we thought her summoning multiple spirits at once was the new magic. But Lucy is even more powerful than that now.

  • Lucy’s magic disappears suddenly and Flare wins: Raven Tail would go so far as to have another member of their guild from the outside use their magic against Lucy so that Flare would still win. To the plot, Flare winning means that for certain from now on Fairy Tail is going to come out on top.

  • Natsu comforts Lucy: Even through all of that horribleness, team Fairy Tail is positive. Natsu comforting Lucy and saying this is all for better in the big picture shows that the good will triumph over evil no matter what happens. (I know that sounded cliché, but it’s true!)

The Shining Star

Lucy absolutely showed the most growth in this episode. Not only by her extreme increase in magical power but also in how much pride she takes in her guild. The whole reason she was able to perform that level of magic is because she was motivated by her intense love for her fellow guild members. In addition to this, though she is crying at the end after being humiliated, she tells Natsu she is “all fired up” after he comforts her. This shows that there is absolutely nothing that can break her spirit, and that she will never give up−a huge contrast from how she was a lot earlier in the show.

Never Give Up

While this theme could be seen a little bit in the last episode, it was highly prevalent in this one through Lucy and Natsu. Lucy was the one actually defeated, and she didn’t lose her hopes or her spirit. I couldn’t help but get a bit teary-eyed myself at how inspirational I found this episode to be, despite its darkness.

“Bad Omen” Predictions

Are things really going to continue to just get worse? The title definitely makes it sounds that way. Because of my firm belief that Fairy Tail is going to win by the end, I do not know what to predict for next week. Another loss? That seems unlikely. Perhaps something bad will happen to a different guild that is not Fairy Tail? We can only hope that it’s someone else!


Though this episode was extremely hard to watch at some points, it definitely still held my attention, and was highly inspirational. Therefore, I would give it a solid 10/10!

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“In a Night of Falling Stars”

Though I knew this week wasn’t going to be pretty, I didn’t know it would be quite this awful. I know you all don’t want to relive this, but please read more for some insight on Fairy Tail’s latest episode.

A Miserable Failure

  • “Hidden” rules are explained: This is pretty self-explanatory, as it is a set-up for the first game.
  • Juvia hugging a clone of Gray

  • Juvia hugs a “Gray-copy” and loses a point: As predicted, Juvia starts doing poorly because of her love for Gray. This demonstrates that she values touching Gray more than her commitment to the Games.

  • Nullpudding only attacks Gray: This is important to the plot because it shows how dedicated the guild Raven Tail is to targeting Fairy Tail. They do not care whether they win or lose, they only want to make Fairy Tail miserable.

  • Juvia attacks Lyon: Her doing so proves Juvia’s dedication to Fairy Tail even if she cannot concentrate because of Gray. She puts her guild above all else.

  • Rufus attacking everyone from a rooftop

  • Rufus attacks everyone: Finally we get to actually see Sabertooth’s power in action. Rufus dominates in the arena proving that Sabertooth IS the most powerful, and putting them into first place overall.

  • Gray Swears revenge: We haven’t seen this side to Gray yet, because he typically isn’t so angry. His loss is important because it shows us that even the good characters can have dark and angry sides to them.

  • Announcement that Lucy will be fighting Flare from Raven Tail next: Because this is Raven Tail again, there is obviously someone more powerful out to get Fairy Tail who is in control of the Games, but we don’t know why. This match up for battle is what tells us so.

An Opportunity for Gray

He doesn’t grow as a character in this episode, but the focus is on him. Instead of handling his defeat the way he should, he swears revenge and stays quite angry for a long time. While this is not character growth, it definitely makes it seem like there is going to be later on. This sets up the opportunity for Gray to overcome his anger.

The Good Guys DO Lose

The theme in this episode is losing. Gray gets extremely angry, but the rest of his team is extremely supportive. They are all assuring him that it will be okay and that he did his best. Though he doesn’t magically feel better, the attitude of the team as a whole is positive, which is contrary to how most teams would handle what happened.

“Lucy vs. Flare” Predictions

Besides the obvious that these two will battle each other…

  • Lucy will almost lose but then defeat Flare: Since Fairy Tail lost the last event in the Games, they will need to start winning to make the come back and prove everyone wrong. Therefore, Lucy will most likely win this battle.
  • Lucy will use some magic that she hasn’t before: Because Second Origin was unleashed, I am thinking Lucy will use some new magic that she couldn’t before, since this is her first battle since getting it.


This episode was highly entertaining and showed a lot of promise for future episodes, so I will give it a rating of 9/10.

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“New Guild”

Personally, I think the title should have been “New Guilds” with the way that both Fairy Tail B and Raven Tail were announced. Although there were even more guilds than just those two! Read the following for more on the latest episode.

A Build Up for the Grand Magic Games

  • Wendy asks Elfman to take her place permanently: I believe this is to further explore what I said last week, about making Elfman more of a main character. We only got to see him battle a little bit, so now we will see this more clearly.
  • Mavis appears to cheer them on: This seems very random currently, especially with how it is made into something comical. Perhaps her appearance (seeing as how she is dead) will actually mean something more later on? This could be showing that the bonds in Fairy Tail are so strong that a member will rise from the dead just to support them all.
  • The guild Raven Tail

  • Raven Tail admits responsibility for Wendy’s condition: Raven Tail being an enemy is used to show contrast to Sabertooth. Both are very adamant about bringing down Fairy Tail, but Raven Tail shows much more brutality, proving Sabertooth is purely just a rival.

  • Fairy Tail B team is announced: This explains why Gajeel and Laxus weren’t originally announced as members of the team. Fairy Tail has two teams so that we can finally find out if Team Natsu is actually the strongest out of the Fairy Tail guild.

  • Fairy Tail B team with disguised Jellal

  • Jellal sneaks onto Fairy Tail B team: I suspect this is to not only investigate the dark magic, but to show the viewers that Jellal is actually powerful. So far, we have only heard that he is powerful, but we have never actually witnessed it. This could make that claim credible.

  • “Hidden” is announced and Juvia, Gray, and Lyon choose to compete for their teams: We know nothing about the game, but our love triangle has chosen to compete against each other. This is probably done purposely, to show who will value the game above all.

No Room for Anything Else!

Because this episode has to spend so much time introducing new characters and the teams that are competing, there isn’t really room for character development. The number of characters included in this tournament means that there will most likely be a lot of character growth and relationship growth, but there’s no getting around the set up.

Cheating is Okay as long as You’re Fairy Tail

Okay, I’m kidding. Kind of. They sneak Jellal onto the team, which is breaking the rules, but Fairy Tail is probably going to win anyway. So why is this okay? It’s okay because Team Natsu, or Fairy Tail A, is going to win, not Team B. It is also okay because Jellal is there to search for evil. Sometimes breaking the rules is required for the greater good.

“In a Night of Falling Stars” Predictions

The title of the next episode is not all that encouraging. The term “falling stars” implies something bad. Due to this, here are my predictions for next week:

  • Fairy Tail isn’t going to do so hot in round one: But they will still find a way to win in the end of course.
  • Juvia is going to do badly because of Gray: Assuming Fairy Tail will not do so well, Juvia will probably become distracted because of her obsession for Gray, causing her to lose.
  • Gray is going to do badly because of Lyon: He will be too focused on beating out Lyon because of their silly competition that he will get beat up by another team in the meantime.
  • Lyon will do badly because of Juvia or Gray: He could become too obsessed with the competition like Gray, or he could become distracted by his obsession with Juvia. All in all, this triangle will end in disaster.


To be fair, though this episode was missing some important elements, the set-up was needed. Therefore, I will rate this week’s episode an 8/10.

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“Sky Labyrinth”

Ready, set, race to the finish! This week’s episode was all about who gets there first.

The First Game

  • Elfman stands in for Wendy: This is an excellent choice plot-wise, because Elfman has not had much spotlight up until now. We get to finally see more of what he can do in battle.
  • Lisanna and the others left to search for Wendy: This is necessary to the plot development because it sets up us learning more about the palace.
  • Members of Team Fairy Tail preparing to fight Twilight Ogre

  • As Team Fairy Tail begins on a map, they confront Twilight Ogre: Twilight Ogre was picked specifically by the writer to confront Fairy Tail in here to show that no team will ever get away with hurting any Fairy Tail members. (Twilight Ogre abused Fairy Tail while its core members were gone).

  • Team Fairy Tail starts taking as many maps as possible: This demonstrates the characters’ ability to strategize rather than just “plow through everything,” which is the stereotype people have of them.

  • Team Fairy Tail comes in 8th place: Again, this continues the underdog idea. They took last place, but still made it to the next round so that they can later rise to the top.

  • Mysterious creature following Wendy

  • Lisanna finds Wendy unconscious in a garden by the palace: We still have no idea what that small black creature is, but it still reminds us of the dark magic, which has now effected Wendy. This creates a feeling that more characters on the team will fall victim to it over time.

A Sort-of Winner

Though no character achieved much growth emotionally, Elfman definitely grew physically. When fighting the members of Twilight Ogre, he proves to be way more powerful than he used to be in earlier episodes.

Fairy Tail as a Team

Though there were not any particular relationships that stood out this episode, all of them as a unified team did. Each character worked so well together, and everyone contributed to their success in a different way. Ultimately, this will probably be what causes their victory in the end.

Injustice Will Never Go Unpunished

Fairy Tail is adamant about paying back their enemies. This doesn’t mean they will not show mercy when it is right to do so, but they never let anyone walk all over themselves or their friends. Defeating Twilight Ogre in this episode relays this message firmly, especially with how easily Twilight Ogre was defeated.

“New Guild” Predictions

This will be focusing on one of the other guilds that made it into the top eight, but it doesn’t tell much about them before-hand. My predictions for next week?

  • Fairy Tail will be against this guild in one way or another: This doesn’t necessarily mean the guild is bad, but Fairy Tail will be competing against them in some type of game most likely.

That is really all I can say based on what we were given this week!


For including most of the important elements and creating a lot of suspense through all of the action, I give this week’s episode a 9/10.

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“The Blooming Capital – Crocus”

Greetings friends, and let the games begin−extremely suddenly and without warning!

Tensions Build as the Games Draw Near

  • Makarov announces which people he will compete in the games: This probably was not needed, since we all knew it was going to be Natsu. However, no explanation given for why Gajeel or Laxus weren’t picked (when they are so powerful) causes confusion. Perhaps it will be explained later?
  • Fairy Tail gets mocked by the townspeople: This is like any other classic underdog story. It is the perfect set-up to come back from behind.
  • Rule book says everyone must be back by midnight: Just like the characters, this leaves us wondering why. It is foreshadowing something is going to happen later.
  • Juvia trying to get Gray to go to dinner with her while Lyon interferes

  • Juvia asks out Gray, but Lyon interferes: This doesn’t advance the overarching plot, but it finally shows some possessiveness of Gray over Juvia, in contrast to all of the rejection he has given her in the past, thus advancing their relationship, and complicating it with Lyon.

  • Erza is hit on by many people: This is used for nothing but comic relief, which was extended slightly longer than it needed to be.

  • Wendy is being followed by a small, black creature: Definitely giving the feeling that something bad is going to happen, because it looks evil. Though we have no idea what it is, we suspect it has to do with the “dark magic” that was talked about previously.

  • Natsu and Sting

  • Natsu finds and confronts Sting and Rogue: Including this conversation adds tons of more depth to the plot. Finding out that Sting and Rogue are more powerful dragon slayers than Natsu leaves an impending sense of doom. We are sucked into watching even more, because we cannot fathom how Natsu could possibly defeat them.

  • A huge magical sphere appears and the first game begins: The first game beginning without Wendy is worrisome, but obviously plot-driven. This is the first elimination round.

No Winner this Week

Unfortunately, no one showed much personal growth in this episode. While a case might be able to be made for Gray because he said yes to dinner with Juvia, that isn’t a significant enough change due to the conversation that follows about the betting.

Love is Still in the Air, but with Who?

Time for the infamous love triangle to arise when delving into this week’s most focused-on relationships.

Juvia and Gray: She’s been obsessed since day one and he doesn’t return the feelings. But this week, he said yes to dinner! This may suggest that Gray is becoming interested in return, although it could also just mean he was hungry. We can’t know for sure, but it is at least some type of baby-step towards a relationship.

Juvia and Lyon: He is obsessed with her but she loves Gray. Despite this, Juvia is often embarrassed at Lyon’s advancements, rather than disgusted as Gray usually is of hers. When Lyon tries to drag her to dinner with him instead, she doesn’t fight back she just looks uncomfortable. Perhaps there is a possibility here for them?

Gray and Lyon: They were raised together since they were children, but they also fight like siblings. Gray refuses to let Lyon have Juvia, though denies that the reason is personal interest. Often times, it seems as if Lyon tries to get Juvia just to bother Gray, since they have always been rivals.

An Unnamable Theme

The way that Natsu became so enraged with Sting and Rogue for killing off their “dragon-parents” seems to suggest some type of theme about how that is unspeakably wrong. However, this does not get proven or resolved in this episode, but probably will later when Natsu fights them (whether in or out of the ring).

“Sky Labyrinth” Predictions

Obviously next week’s episode will take place in the giant sphere that appeared at the end of this week’s episode. But what else is to come?

  • There will be at least one physical conflict between team Fairy Tail and another team: Since all 113 teams are entering this sphere, it seems silly not to think so.
  • Team Fairy Tail will not be eliminated: I mean come on, it’s a show about Fairy Tail.


For high entertainment value, but a lack of character growth and some over-arching meaning, I will rate this week an 8/10. Next week’s episode looks promising for lots of action and high exhilaration!

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“Only Enough Time to Pass By One Another”

SO MUCH ALMOST HAPPINESS! Okay, so I should probably admit right now, I am a huge Jerza (Jellal-Erza) fan. So I, of course, ridiculously overreacted and yelled at my screen when watching this week’s episode. But I know more goes into this episode than just that one moment (you know what I’m talking about), so continue reading for further plot-analysis.

Breakdown of the “Aha” Episode

  • Other guilds pick their combatants for the Games: This is included to remind the viewers that there are many other powerful guilds competing besides Fairy Tail and Sabertooth.
  • Sting and Rogue discuss Fairy Tail’s decision to join the Games: Sting is excited to finally face Natsu, which shows that he isn’t a “bad guy” per say. He really wants to defeat Natsu, but it seems innocent enough. Rogue being indifferent about Fairy Tail entering gives off the impression that he is either hiding something, or he may not be as good of a person as Sting.
  • Team Natsu gets a mysterious invitation to meet by a bridge: The mystery of this is used to create a sense of suspense, adding on to that of which was created from the title, since this must be the person it was referring to.

  • Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy confronting Fairy Tail

  • Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy explain their appearance: This scene is all information based. The suspiscion that dark magic happens at the Games every year but they cannot find its source is a huge foreshadowing that they will find it this year with Fairy Tail’s help looking. This gives depth to the Grand Magic Games.

  • Crime Sorcière is explained: Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy have created an independent guild to eliminate dark guilds. This is important because it demonstrates in action how committed these characters are to making up for their past wrong-doings.

  • Natsu experiencing Second Origin being unleashed inside him

  • Ultear tells Fairy Tail members she can unlock their Second Origin: And there it is−the magical solution to how the Fairy Tail members will be able to be competent in the Games. This needed to happen or else the Games would have been unrealistic (since we all know that somehow, Fairy Tail will prevail).

  • Jellal and Erza discuss their past: This is a vital conversation because it proves that Jellal still has not accepted the wrongs that he has done in the past, while Erza is his motivation to try to overcome it.

  • Jellal pushes away Erza

  • Jellal pushes Erza away and says he is engaged to someone else: There is a chance this could have been done because the writer wants to draw out the time it takes for these two to become a couple. However, it is an action that also displays Jellal’s hatred for himself, because he refuses to be with Erza since she is “light” while he is “dark.”

It’s a Tie?

I know, it’s like I am cheating. But how can I pick just one character who has shown the most growth? Perhaps I can word it this way…

Crime Sorcière (includes only Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy) is the winner for personal growth. Yes, that technically isn’t a character, but I think you will all agree that the three within the guild all showed significant growth from their past. They were all very similar in the way that the caused lots of destruction and loss of lives. But they are also similar in how strongly they all feel about making up for this, and how hard they are proving to work in changing the world for the better now.

It’s Looooooove

Technically other characters spoke to each other, but there was only one prevalent focus on a particular relationship.

Jellal and Erza: Their relationship has been through the roof with complications. From childhood friends, to mortal enemies, to… what? We don’t know. What we do know is that they definitely have feelings for each other. But more importantly, Erza is trying so hard to bring out the best in Jellal and help him forgive himself. Though he obviously fails at doing this right now, it seems as if the future of this relationship is going to be based around Erza slowly helping him find the light again.

Jellal pushes away Erza

Light Overcomes Darkness

This theme was shown all throughout this episode. It was shown on a larger scale by the way that Crime Sorcière was created to overcome dark guilds, and then again on a personal level by the way that Erza speaks with Jellal about forgiveness and moving on with life. This episode shows that even those who have been corrupted by darkness can still return to the light, which is a common theme throughout Fairy Tail as a whole.

“The Blooming Capital – Crocus” Predictions

This must mean Fairy Tail leaves for the Grand Magic Games! In addition, here are some of the things I have gathered may happen:

  • Fairy Tail meets Sabertooth: This has continued to be built up without them ever meeting. Since Fairy Tail is going to the capital, I assume that means they will finally confront Sabertooth, who should be there also.
  • Team Natsu spends time exploring the new city: I can’t imagine the Games are going to start right away in the next episode and based on the title it seems likely that they are going to wander around for a bit instead


This episode had everything anyone could ever want. There was not any filler qualities, it moved the plot forward, and included character growth. Hopefully next week can live up to this one, 10/10!

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“Song of the Stars”

Hello again all! This week seemed like a nice kick-back-and-relax compared to previous episodes I have covered. But the twist at the end caused anticipation to go through the roof! Read through the following to see how our beloved heroes got to this point.

A Day or Two (or Ninety!) at the Beach

  • Team Natsu goes to the beach to train: As I predicted, and most of us probably did. This is completely necessary, in order for them to have a chance. The fact that the team got distracted and started relaxing was put in their to demonstrate both their over-confidence in themselves, and the “disorderly” attitude of all Fairy Tail members.
  • Lucy and Capricorn discuss the Magic of One: This doesn’t seem to be relevant to any part of the plot right now, but this conversation builds character growth for Lucy, by showing her innocence in her belief that the magic came from love.
  • Erza training at the beach

  • Each character is shown practicing their magic: Showing each character like this proves that they are all important, rather than just Natsu. It also shows that they are not going to just blow off their responsibilities the whole time.

  • Virgo appears on the second day, and team Natsu goes to the celestial world: This instantly makes us all suspicious. But once again, this turned out to be a scape goat by the writers. They needed a way to pass the time by, so they had Lucy’s spirts drag them all away, resulting in the time lapse.

  • Team Natsu in the Celestial Spirit World

  • Team Natsu parties with the celestial spirits: As mentioned, this event was used purely to pass the time. The writers tried to include development in character relationships to put meaning into the event, but otherwise it was purely a scape goat.

  • The group returns to their own world to find it is three months later: This was shocking, note because of the time lapse I predicted, but because they didn’t learn anything in the meantime! The team is just as weak as they were before and now they only have five days to prepare. This is either a genius idea to set up something huge that will happen to the characters, or the writers lamely wanted to make a now unrealistic come-back during the Games.

Game-Changer of the Week

Juvia takes the cake in character development. Nearly every episode, we see her panicking about every other woman on the show because she thinks they will go after Gray. But in this episode, she befriends Aquarius, and suppresses her normal fear. Whether or not this will last, we cannot know, but at least there is some hope for her future.

Celestial-Human Connections

Besides Juvia demonstrating growth with Aquarius, another celestial-human pair make the cut for significant relationship development.

Lucy and Capricorn talking at the beach

Lucy and Capricorn: This is an important relationship, mostly because Capricorn was close with Lucy’s mother, who has been dead for a while now. Lucy and Capricorn were enemies quite recently, so this is one of the first times we see them talking as friends. Capricorn’s admiration for Lucy’s innocence proves that he is actually on her side, and they are beginning to develop a real friendship.

Absent of Meaning?

Much like the last episode, I could not find a main theme to go along with this. I don’t think the episode was designed to show any overall lesson. Rather, it was designed to skip ahead three months, to get to the main plot of which most likely will have several main themes.

“Only Enough Time to Pass By One Another” Predictions

Now that’s just confusing. This sounds like two people who want to spend more time together cannot, though there are no clues as to who this refers to. Here is what I am thinking for next week…

  • There will be something about a love interest: This is only a guess based on the title. I have no idea who it will be between, besides it will involve someone new, or someone who is not a main character.
  • Makarov will punish the guild members for wasting so much time: He was reluctant to allow them to enter the Games in the first place. I don’t see any way in which they will gain power before the Games, and they didn’t train at all.
  • Sabertooth will make another appearance: The members of this guild were introduced a while ago for a reason so I am assuming now that the Games are so soon, they will reappear. Obviously, because they are the number one guild currently, they will be an arch-rival for Fairy Tail.


Though I gave the last episode a 7/10 for the same reasons, I would give this one a 6/10. I might come off as harsh, but only because of my extremely high expectations of the show! I am confident next week will be higher!

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“And We Aim for the Top”

Nice to have you visiting again, friends! Though this newest episode isn’t quite as exciting as the last, we witnessed Natsu almost getting his ass kicked by Max, which no one could have seen coming! Keep reading to find out what else was really going on in the world of Fairy Tail.

Most Notable Events

  • Max and Natsu fight: This event was constructed purposely to show how much damage team Natsu took being away for 7 years. Natsu can barely defeat Max, who was one of the weaker wizards in Fairy Tail. This demonstrates an extreme need for a power booster.
  • Team Natsu seeks help from Porlyusica: She is always the go-to for help, so this was sadly predictable. BUT, she refuses them, immediately causing the plot to be more intriguing because we have no idea where else they could get help from.
  • Gildarts declines guild-master position: And he leaves! I was right about this. Gildarts refusing to be guild master was also rather predictable, as he never sticks around. Makarov making him the master seemed to only be used to make sure we remember that Lumen Histoire is still there. So this must be foreshadowing? They could have reminded us in a more creative way.

  • Cana holding the card that Gildarts left her

  • Cana rips Gildart’s card: A physical representation of Cana’s rebellious attitude against her father. Not a main plot point, but they creators also didn’t spend a lot of time on this scene, so it was effective.

  • Porlyusica reveals she is Edolas’ Grandeeney, and gives Wendy the book of magic: WOW! Did anyone else know the Edolas versions of dragons could be actual people? Me either. This is important because Wendy is in desperate need of some support or power boost, because she is so young and timid. This is perfect timing, right before they start the Grand Magic Games.
  • Natsu convinces everyone into joining the Grand Magic Games: Well, we all knew this was coming, but I don’t think it was meant to be a shock. This is the overall plot point that sets up the rest of the arc.

Who Left the Lasting Impression?

Unfortunately, this episode did not show much development for individual characters. Only one person seemed to do any type of growing.

Instead of demonstrating growth, Wendy seemed to suggest promise of growth in the future. By receiving a book that will make her stronger, we assume that she is going to be learning new magic soon.

The Parents

Contrary to popular belief, not all the relationship focus is on friendships or lovers. The relationship focus from this episode is all about a parent-child relationship−some good, some not so much…

Wendy eagerly clutching the book from Porlyusica

Wendy and Porlyusica: Adorably, Wendy is very loving towards Porlyusica, who reminds her of Grendeeney of whom she was raised by. She treasures the book Porlyusica gives her, and is very emotional around her. Wendy learning magic from her is a symbol of a child learning from a parents. Since Wendy has no other parental figures and is one of the only young children, we hope to see more of these two together!

Gildarts and Cana: We hope to see more of these two together as well, though for very different reasons. Though their relationship started out very serious because Cana could not tell Gildarts she was his daughter, it is a huge comedy now that he knows. She cannot stand his over-protectiveness, and, like in this episode, shoots him down all the time. Her ripping up of the card seems a little more harsh than normal though, so we get the sense that she is still somewhat angry with him.

Was There a Prevailing Theme?

I would love to hear from you all in the comments if you think so. But personally, I couldn’t find any this week. The episode suggests that Fairy Tail is going to be making a come-back as the underdogs, but that doesn’t actually happen in this episode. This whole episode seems to be the calm before the storm.

“Song of the Stars” Predictions

The title suggests that the next episode is going to be about Lucy’s Celestial Spirits. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps it is going to be a filler episode? But here is what I feel confident in:

  • Team Natsu will train for the Grand Magic Games: Knowing Natsu’s eager attitude, I can’t imagine they will go much longer without training themselves. He has to be the best, and they follow him.
  • There will either be a time lapse, or a lot of filler episodes coming: We know there is three months until the Grand Magic Games, and that this is what this arc is focused on. Therefore, we can assume that time is going to be skipped, or a lot of filler episodes are going to be added to make time go by.


A solid 7/10. The show was still entertaining, but it lacked certain important qualities such as character development and it was a little too predictable.

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Welcome back, Fairy Tail fans! You are not going to regret returning for this week’s breakdown of the newest episode, “Sabertooth.” We got to meet two new dragon slayers from the current, most powerful guild in Fiore, and we got to find out who is going to be Fairy Tail’s next guild master!

Packed with Action

The following are the most important events from the episode this week:

  • Sting and Rogue discuss the return of Fairy Tail members: Do they mean harm? Or are they on our side? The episode keeps us guessing in the beginning as these two new characters discuss their past admiration for Natsu Dragneel. This creates a huge sense of anticipation in the viewers, and we are dying to know more about them.

    Members of Legion Corps at Fairy Tail guildhall

  • Legion Corps makes an official apology to Fairy Tail, triggering a celebration to start: While the party may seem like a useless detail, it is actually designed to be a reason that all of the characters can interact with each other. The writers are using this party as an opportunity to focus purely on character growth, which is important to the plot as long as it isn’t overused.
  • Mary apologizes to Lucy in more detail outside of the party: This proves the last point. While technically this doesn’t advance the storyline (because Mary leaves at the end of this episode), it is a way of demonstrating the depth of Lucy’s character, and how she reacts to being treated poorly (see “characters” section).
  • Legion Corps leader reveals that their guild is leaving for an assignment: The guild leaving does not advance the plot, but ends the last one. This event signifies the change from one arc to the next.
  • Members of the Magic Council discuss the dark guilds’ dormancy for last 7 years: This is obvious foreshadowing. This discussion was thrown in to ensure the viewers that something big is going to happen soon, so be on the edge of your seats!
  • Core members of Fairy Tail are informed of their status as weakest guild: Everyone loves an underdog! While it only makes sense that Fairy Tail became weak during the 7 years without its core members, creating an opportunity for the good guys to rise to the top makes an already-dramatic upcoming event even more dramatic!

    Makarov showing Gildarts Lumen Histoire

  • Makarov shows Gildarts Lumen Histoire, and tells him that he will be the next master of Fairy Tail: Omigod! Were you fangirling as much as I was? Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail’s biggest secret, being revealed to another guild member added onto the huge pile of anticipation that has already been growing.

  • Sting and Rogue are attacked by a random dark guild, revealing that they are Sabertooth’s twin dragon slayers: Until now, we thought Fairy Tail had the only dragon slayers. Having two more from a different guild poses a legitimate threat that Fairy Tail could actually be overpowered by a different guild.

And the Winner is…
Out of all the characters included in this week’s episode, there was one clear winner as to who showed the most growth.

Lucy: Mary fought with and lied to Lucy, yet Lucy is able to forgive her. In addition to that, Lucy even suggests that they can now be friends and put everything in the past. This is a very bold move for Lucy, seeing as how she couldn’t even fully forgive her own father.

The Twin Dragon Slayers
Because most of the relationships this episode were between main characters and characters who will be leaving, there was not a lot of focus on main characters’ relationships with each other. However, we have a couple newcomers…

Sting and Rogue: They are mostly a mystery to us, but it is obvious they have a strong relationship with each other. Because they are in Sabertooth, they will obviously be a significant part of this arc. From what we have seen, these two have been in a guild together since they were children. Having the title of “twin dragon slayers” suggests that they often are in battle together. They give the impression that they are a lot like brothers.

Overall Theme
Forgiveness: This is shown not just threw Lucy and Mary, but between the entire guilds of Fairy Tail and Legion Corps. Through both guilds partying together after such a huge conflict, the viewers receive the message that forgiveness is what creates happiness.

“And We Aim for the Top” Predictions
As the name suggests, there is a likely chance the next episode will be about Fairy Tail training for the Grand Magic Games. But what else is a possibility?

  • Confrontation between fairy Tail and Sabertooth: They’re building it up, it’s only a matter of time.
  • Fairy Tail officially joins the Grand Magic Games: Natsu will never accept the guild being ranked as last. What better way to show they are not?
  • Gildarts disappears: He never stays for long when he comes back. He is also much too powerful to join the Grand Magic games.

Because this episode successfully included all of these elements and did not have any major issues, I rate it a solid 10/10.

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Joining the World of Fairy Tail

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie DeCleene and I am so happy to join all of you in your love for Fairy Tail! Every week, I will be posting a review of the newest episode released each Friday. I will be starting next Friday, just in time for the beginning of the new Grand Magic Games arc, starting at episode 151.

Rameen and I dressed up as Erza and Mystogan: Original Image

Can You Trust Me?
Okay I will admit, I am late to join the fandom. But I can’t think of a better time to use the phrase “Better late than never!” And to help prove my devotion, please observe the picture to the right of my fiancé and me dressed up as Erza and Mystogan. My costume was not cheap! But it was worth every penny.

A Slight Obsession
While I am new to the world of Fairy Tail, I am not new to the universe of anime! The following are some examples of anime close to my heart that I highly recommend:

My love for anime stemmed from the finding of intense focus on character/character relationships, unique plot ideas, and strong a strong themes of friendship, bravery, and overcoming personal demons. It seemed that no matter which one I was watching, I would find these characteristics to be prevalent.

Why Fairy Tail?
Fairy Tail in particular not only has these qualities but demonstrates them through so many main characters (as opposed to two or three) who live together as one enormous family in a guild hall. This struck a chord with me, as I’m sure it did for many of you, so it would bring me great pleasure to elaborate and explore Fairy Tail’s episodes in-depth week by week.

Each week, I will write an in-depth review on the new Fairy Tail episode covering the following:

  • Plot: In what ways does this episode advance the plot and does it do it effectively?
  • Character: Which character demonstrated the most personal growth this week and how?
  • Relationships: Which significant relationships are shown in this episode and how have they developed?
  • Theme(s): Main idea(s) that the episode is trying to portray to the viewers
  • Predictions: Based on the rest, what are my personal predictions for next week’s episode?

Please visit again next week for my full review on episode 151, “Sabertooth!”